Monday, September 26, 2016

The nose knows

Another hula hoop progress video.
Finally, I can hula hoop on my nose.
These are the reasons I have yet to make Mitch that bodies video.
Making sure my tricks will be slick.

I've never asked...

Does anybody else enjoy toys made for children?
You know you do. Please, do share.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A few of my favorites on Etsy

      Once upon a time browsing on Etsy, ran into a hula hooping bunny in space sticker. Obviously I bought it. Various other goodies were included! Always get extras with my purchases.

I share with you my favorites by dethpsun
No, this is not sponsored content. Hakuna matata.



Stickers - $1.00
Magnets - $4.00
Prints - varies

You can also find shirts, bags and wallets.
Besides what I've shared, what's your favorite item by dethpsun?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hula hoop progress - Shoulders

Hula hoop stuff update

Finally  accomplishing various shoulder breaks.
Thank God I was more of an upper body hula hooper. 
On the contrary, there's a reason my videos don't contain lower body hooping...

'Bodies' video shall come, as I promised. 
I'm just never satisfied with my choreography. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roses are rainbow


      Give me flowers and they'll be under the faucet daily. Not all are the flower type of gal, but I sure am. My man brought me a dozen rainbow roses. 


      The petals aren't dyed with coloring. Rainbow roses are created by letting the flower grow in colored water made with plant extracts. The leaves were even colorful! Other flowers that can successfully use the same process include carnations, orchids (select breeds), hydrangea and a few others. 


      I never fail to mess up the whole "dozen" display. Put one in a vase with flowers collected. Another I give to a friend. 

Are you a flower type of gal? 
If you're a man, do you treat your lady with flowers?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Last week with mini me

      The beginning

      She's awoke from a nap. The bedroom door opens. Approaching the door with a smile, it slams in my face. Grasping the door handle she continues to slam it in my face. 
Once, twice, I begin to lose count.

      Now I grasp the handle. Let myself in slowly, and sit on the floor. She begins pushing me out. Pretending her strength works only until I'm in front of the door again. 
      Screams, cries, punches, kicks. As if I'm the living nightmare she awoke from. Begins to strike the floor and walls. 
      Tell her not to hurt herself. Lecture her with words she didn't know existed. After 10-minutes, her mother (who works at home) is the only way to calm her down. As I grab a craft from her room she cries to her mom.

"I don't want Micaela to take good care of me!"
I froze, almost in tears..

      Her dad returns home from work an hour before I'm off. Expecting an hour to himself, mini me grasps to him. Inquiring when I'm leaving. 

The middle

      She's awoke from a nap. The bedroom door opens. Approaching the door with a smile, she looks up at me with her hands held high. Waiting for me to hold her. 

I can't describe the phenomenon. 

      Scoop her up always asking if she had any dreams. Allegedly never does. Rambling as I hold her, doing ballet turns until she giggles. 
      Her dad returns home from work an hour before I'm off. Expecting an hour to himself, mini me informs him about the other Micaela (me) in the household. Who takes good care of her. Demands he says hello. This is now how her father and I greet each other daily.

      As if it wasn't hard enough leaving the two munchkins I watched for a year. I can't imagine saying goodbye to mini me. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Potty training mini me Part III

      Only thing left is getting over the "taking a shit can hurt" relalization. To avoid the ohh so awful toilet, she doesn't dance or hide in a corner. What gives her away are the random statements while conversating.

So how'd summer camp go today?

"I don't have to go potty"

      I keep three books in the bathroom for her to read. Fuq that iPad. One is about sitting the hell down and trying to piss before leaving the house. 
      The other I scooped up is about how fantastic panties are. A page contains the days of the week on each pair. I sing it in the rhythm of the Happy Days theme song. While overhearing her reading on the shitter, she sings it too. 
      Lastly, the nitorious Everyone Poops.

In about a week this kid, very persistent to avoid big girl shit, is just about potty trained. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Building back Belle Isle

      Back in 2011 my friend took some hoop shots for my portfolio, and hers. We chose Belle Isle for the location. At that time the island had abandoned exhibits galore. Aquarium, conservatory, train station, and the nitorious zoo, all abandoned. Successfully broke into the zoo (shown in picture)


      Attended this years Belle Isle art fair. Haven't taken a visit since my sister and I took a visit in 2012. I was aware they opened a "feed the deer" trail for kids. (deer that will die come hunting season)
      The aquarium, conservatory, and train were all re-open! Was super pumped to run into sea horses. Jelly fish too. Disappointed they had no mermaids...


      On our journey to foods we passed up a flock of brothers coooking ribs. They clearly saw we smelled the amazing food and flagged us over. Turns out they were selling tickets to purchase food. Also got homemade Arnold Palmers. Sorry Arnie...This tea was far better with had no after taste. 

      If you visit Michigan, tour Detroit. Especially Belle Isle! All exhibits are free. 
      I'm in no way suggesting breaking into the zoo or responsible for consequences of doing so.