Monday, October 24, 2016

Micaela & Micaela Halloween talk

*While dancing in front of the mirror to the ABC'S on her boom box.*

Micaela, Halloween is coming up!

Yes it is mini me, do you know what you're gonna be?

A fire fighter!

Huh. Cool dude.

What are you going to be?

Dunno kid. Maybe a mermaid...but I mean...I'm supposed to be something, like, dead. Or a monster. Scary ya know?

A dead mermaid?

.....girrrrrl. That'd be tough. But maybe.

*While checking out of the pretend grocery store*

You still being a fire fighter for Halloween lil miss?

No, I'm being a police officer!

Ohh, sweet....

You're being a dead mermaid!?

You know it. 

*While walking her to the library*

So lil miss, you decide for Halloween yet?

I want to be Wonder Woman!

Stopped that stroller real quick

....yes...uhm. How did you hear about Wonder Woman???

She's a super hero, like daddy!

      Took our daily adventure to the library. 
      Told the librarian, checked out every Wonder Woman book in the kids section. 

      Told mini me I'd help make her costume. That all the kids her age will be peppa pig, paw patrol characters, or princesses while she's going to stand out.  Even went to the extent of stating she may get more candy for it. 
      In he end, she's being a fire fighter...her preschool doesn't allow any super hero related clothes in general. Today I may bring some supplies to make her a Wonder Woman costume while telling the story of her. 
      Maybe that will influence her to wear it trick or treating. 

      What 3-year-old in 2016 knows of Wonder Woman!? She hasn't even been in the recent DC movies. 

Still contemplating what I'm going to be...
      Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cooking and Spanish with Dr.Seuss

Told my man Friday I was trying a new recipe for dinner. He came home to this.

*Insert picture of cooked green eggs and Ham on the stove, aside the book here*
Or click here to see actual picture.

I had made actual dinner, sitting on counter.

      Also, I've been Micaela's nanny still. After school and the break for Jewish holiday's recently. Been keeping up with my teachings of Dr.Seuss of course. To my surprise, I came across a bin of his books. Told Micaela it's story time. Surprised again after noticing they were all in Spanish. I only read Green Eggs and Ham since I've memorized it in English. " Huevos verdes con jamón" 
      Soon I'll be able to express negative feelings towards green eggs and ham in Spanish. All I have memorized is "Juan Roman" (Sam I am). She totally listened to the book as I spoke in my horrible Spanish attempt. I can't roll my tongue worth shit.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Time of my life

I can't even...
When I'm getting ready to leave for work I mute the television and put on music. These are reasons why. Big credits to those who created this video. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

The nose knows

Another hula hoop progress video.
Finally, I can hula hoop on my nose.
These are the reasons I have yet to make Mitch that bodies video.
Making sure my tricks will be slick.

I've never asked...

Does anybody else enjoy toys made for children?
You know you do. Please, do share.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A few of my favorites on Etsy

      Once upon a time browsing on Etsy, ran into a hula hooping bunny in space sticker. Obviously I bought it. Various other goodies were included! Always get extras with my purchases.

I share with you my favorites by dethpsun
No, this is not sponsored content. Hakuna matata.



Stickers - $1.00
Magnets - $4.00
Prints - varies

You can also find shirts, bags and wallets.
Besides what I've shared, what's your favorite item by dethpsun?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hula hoop progress - Shoulders

Hula hoop stuff update

Finally  accomplishing various shoulder breaks.
Thank God I was more of an upper body hula hooper. 
On the contrary, there's a reason my videos don't contain lower body hooping...

'Bodies' video shall come, as I promised. 
I'm just never satisfied with my choreography. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roses are rainbow


      Give me flowers and they'll be under the faucet daily. Not all are the flower type of gal, but I sure am. My man brought me a dozen rainbow roses. 


      The petals aren't dyed with coloring. Rainbow roses are created by letting the flower grow in colored water made with plant extracts. The leaves were even colorful! Other flowers that can successfully use the same process include carnations, orchids (select breeds), hydrangea and a few others. 


      I never fail to mess up the whole "dozen" display. Put one in a vase with flowers collected. Another I give to a friend. 

Are you a flower type of gal? 
If you're a man, do you treat your lady with flowers?