Sunday, August 12, 2018

Str8 ballin

 Shared a video with some audio editing on my Facebook Fan page of my 5-year-old lil cuz "G" freestyling with the hoop.

Out of all my years blogging, this kid managed to get the most publicity....

Going viral

Once hearing the news, he immediately wanted to call his friends
Kids are amazing...

Monday, July 23, 2018

With a Little Luv

"Reside in the UK, but create for the world!"
Experienced graphic designer of various themes. See her art style on Instagram. Recently Heidi decided to take the hobby further, opening her shop With a Little Luv.

Where my favorite "point your fucking toes" leggings were brought to life! 

Use the discount code MADNESS at checkout made especially for fellow readers. 

What inspired you to start graphic design printing and how long have you been involved?
Always had a strong passion to create. Have an art/design background. Made the decision to give Etsy a go early this year. Work on new designs daily, intending to grow.
Keep up with shop progress, updates and more on Facebook

Explain your creative side
More of a digital artist I would say. Not one for physically drawing. Aside graphic design, enjoy photography. 
Take a peek at my portfolio
Currently focusing on filming and editing more! Photoshop and final cut pro.

 Who is your main focus as an ideal customer?
The custom orders have honestly been most enjoyable. Various roller derby teams have come to me for customized team gear. Such as team attire with each members name and number. 

"My history in dance helps relating to most sports"
"I've especially taken an interest with aerial arts and pole"

What makes your shop stand out?
My distinct personalised service of design offered. Along with the professional quality that my printers and shipping company provide. Literally making it the best of both worlds!
 Not only athletics are focus of themeYou can find something for nurses and even photographers too.
Tons more themes in between!

Your personal favorite out of shop's items? 
‘Squat like your ex is watching’ Tank. 
Had to go with something generally funny. Love an item with a sense of humour.

Your long term goal?
 Don’t think id ever be brave enough to give up the 9-5, but do love to be productive in my spare time. If this can help pay a few bills I'm happy!

Use discount code MADNESS when shopping at WithALittleLuv

Also available on Amazon - however discount code will not apply unless purchased through Etsy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Belle Isle Boho

A close childhood friend of mine inquired about doing a boho and whimsical style fashion shoot for her portfolio.
She took my first hoop shoot back in 2011 at Belle Isle. She began photography while I started hooping that same year. So this past May, we return to the island for another adventurous shoot.

This one focused on boho fashion.
Check our whimsical shoot Day of an evil forest fairy

This romper means a lot to me'Twas given as a gift from lil Micaela's ma before having to relocate down south. 
I was invited, but there's too much I cant let go of in Metro Detroit. Watch the news in Florida. Get eaten by gators while you're at it. 

I give credit to Miss.Laine for making me look like I was doing the whole "model" thing right.

Though of course, I had my Micaela moments.

Belle Isle Conservatory 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Nifty finds of all kinds

To start off the day
Dead dandelion wishes. One of my favorites to introduce to children. You must not say the wish out loud! Won't come true. Though curious of little Timmy's wish, I'd be more concerned if he heard mine. 
Click here to find on Etsy
Click here to check out Jane Dope blog. 
Get 25% off after subscribing

Involved, or previously involved with dance/gymnastics based athletics?
You know damn well you've made the fatal mistake of not pointing your toes. Here's the perfect way to remind yourself. Fellow classmates may even thank you.
Get 10% off with coupon code FRIENDS10
Connect on Facebook here 

Pack up the tea gear, some crumpets and don't forget to wear a hat before heading to the park. Find a nice shady spot under a tree and enjoy your tea party on a magic carpet. 
Size ranges up to about 13in x 17in
Click here  to check out a magic carpet dress

Once upon a time I purchased a to-do list from this shop literally monthly. Specifically one designed with a graphic of an octopus reading a book while drinking coffee. My brains like that it has two fill in bubbles. 
"done" for completed tasks, and "do later" for the shit you procrastinate.
Bulk up and get 10% off purchases $99+ with cupon code 10ON99JUNE
Connect on instagram here

This one reminded me of my sister. You know we all love those ridiculous little nick nacks. Find a variety of celebrities to display with these casual candle holders. The artists distinct cartoon portrait styles  her Missy Elliot and Dolly Parton holders too.
Get any 4 candles for $30 with coupon code GOLDENGIRLS

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Father's Day GIVEAWAY

Came across a punny little shop o' cards, ilootpaperie, where I got this year's Faja card.
Might throw in a bottle of coke and some pop rocks. 

Haven't had time to get a gift yet, procrastinate?
Use the "We dont do gifts" thing?
Maybe even just now realized it's almost Father's Day?

Enter the 
Ohh shit it's almost Father's Day Giveaway!
Winner will receive a 5in x 3in card from ilootpaperie's Father's Day card collection.
shown above

Winner will be chosen Wednesday the 13th
To assure you receive on time, reply to email with your mailing address ASAP. 

Monday, June 4, 2018


"Come, follow me...I will send you out to fish for people".
Matthew 4:19

Belle Isle Nature Walk 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Words for Wednesday, but on Thursday

Every psychiatric hospital has that one patient. Doped up on Heldol talking to people invisible to the ordinary eye. Many see the invisible...but there's always that particular "one".

This one, an old lady. Who's always had those people. Alzheimer's had recently started to develop, to top off the cake.

One day someone decided to ask what her voices say to her.

which is always a huge no no to jump into with someone that confused, 
I've learned too many times

She replied though.
Not angry, but still upset.
Said she couldn't remember what the voices say lately, and hasn't been so lonely in her life.

She's so off the rocker, she misses her previous inner crazy.
Depressing enough to give my stomach moth flutters.

Topic inspired by Elephant's Child