Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life as a Red-head, Brunette, and Blonde

I know I mentioned that naturally I'm a red-head (ginger), but have experienced the brunette and blonde lifestyle as well. From favorites to worst nightmare, here's my story.

What do you call a red-headed ninja?

I do love my natural hair. Assume most can say the same about theirs, considering ones natural hair feels and looks healthier. However, being able to say I'm a red-head makes me feel pretty special. I've never been offended by all the nasty jokes, and admit the "Gingervitus" South Park episode was hilarious. On the contrary, sometimes I get bored with the same old look.  After dying it, regretting it, and finally getting it back, I repeat the process. Certain hair-cuts and styles I love don't look right unless it's a solid (usually un-natural) color.
It's hard to get away wearing certain shades of attire. Blues and greens look best. Brings out the vibrant red color, and makes most eyes stand out. Red was never an option to wear, as it always made my hair appear dull. More blonde/brown mixed with auburn. Many other colors create this illusion as well. My wardrobe consisted of mainly blues and blacks for the longest time. Regardless, I do love my red-head experience.

What do you call going on a date with a brunette?
Brown-bagging it.

After stripping my jet black hair to get my red back, it had various different shades of brown for a month or two. Jet black hair is something I think anybody can pull off. An observation made throughout time, it can make one look a different ethnicity depending on skin color. On somebody, including myself, with super pale skin...we look like the living dead, casually. A tan friend of mine appears Native American with black hair. Some black girls appears Indian. As a white as heck beotch, I enjoyed my experience with dark hair. It embraced my skin tone making it appear more porcelain.
I could wear almost any color, but was careful when wearing black (in the winter especially). About any color attire will look good. Considering the many shades of black, it was difficult at times matching them. At times my clothes may appear more navy or dark purple. The time spent after stripping my hair, I did not enjoy. Not sure if it's because I wanted my hair color back ASAP, or because I never liked the idea of myself having light-medium brown hair.

How can you tell if a brunette or red-head is a blonde with dyed hair?
When she trips over the cordless phone. 

This was probably as much of a hassle to get, as it was to strip the brown out of my hair. I recently cut my hair, which created a drastic difference. Since it was already a pretty big change, why not go all out? Never been blonde, so I'm giving it a shot. I had very long hair before, and also my natural hair. It was much healthier than now. Much harder to style, maintain, and is very brittle in some areas. Dealt with multiple bleaching and toner processes before getting it light enough. White-blonde was the goal, but it's still fairly brassy everywhere besides the underneath. The other day in Target a little boy made the comment to his mother "Woah! Her hair is super blonde!". This is my reassurance it's in fact blonde, not too brassy. Haha.
With thin light auburn eyebrows, I can surprisingly pull it off. This look just may suit me. Another sign, I can be an air-head (for lack of a better word) at times. Which I get from my mother who happens to be a natural blonde. When I say air-head, I'm talking random moments with complete lack of common sense. Not your stereotypical ditsy type. This is after all a stereotype, so whether or not you'd consider it relevant is on you.

For now, I'm letting my hair grow out and will see then what I decide to do. Contemplating whether to keep it blonde, or try finding a similar red hair dye that would blend in with my hair.

If you have any interesting ideas, or any experience stories with different hair colors, I'd love for you to share. :]

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello, my name is...

Micaela. As of now, I'm 20-years-old and live in Metro Detroit. Naturally, I'm a ginger. Feel free to inform me with the newest red-head jokes (seriously, they're amusing). My taste in music changes periodically. Last winter I was supposed to see Yelawolf, a day before attending an Arlo Guthrie concert. From rap to folk rock, almost any genre fulfills my entertainment needs (besides modern country). On my free time, I enjoy rapping like a little white girl, daydreaming, dancing with my hula hoop, attempting to skateboard, learning new songs on the guitar, reading Dr. Seuss (There's a Wocket in my Pocket, great book), getting into light-saber fights, drawing portraits, writing poetry, yo-yoing, reading Sylvia Plath's work (Mad girls love song, great poem), doing yoga, exercising, and learning new things. My biggest goal is to master/perform various circus arts. Would love to become an auto-body professional while performing on the side.

I like cars. A lot.
I have a crazy as hell cat.

Her name's Gypsy.