Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

        The smell of fresh cut grass, flowers, sunscreen, and fulfilled with the warmth you've been dying to experience again. Never too hot, the gust of lukewarm wind measures out the perfect temperature.
Those are the type of days you wish for in the winter, the 90+° weather. Such a short amount of time do we get to enjoy these hours of mother nature's compassion.

For 3 years I've been as close as sisters to my neighbor's 3 girls. After a long period without being able to talk, we enjoyed the first day at this park we've planned to visit since I can remember. 
The oldest, her books and music, the middle, the youngest with a dollar store hula hoop I decked out with hoop tape. Then myself, and one of my favorite handmade hoops.
While the youngest was playing with other kids at the park, the oldest and I talked while she'd sing as I hooped.
Shortly after, The youngster brought over her friend and his brother. The brother asked if he could play with the hoop. 
"Of course!"

At first he had to get the hang if it, but with motivation he quickly caught on.
We all played with the munchkins, and it wasn't until we sat down I noticed the little boy still amused learning more tricks.
Before he left, he came to return my hoop. Looking up very nervous, he says "Do you think maybe....uhm I could maybe bring this home..?".

Words can't express the feeling this gave me.

Noticed the youngest girl has a look of shock stuck on her face. After asked what was wrong, she softly squealed "He kissed me...That boy kissed me." Apparently the boy with mad hoop skills little brother had kissed her, and she sure as heck didn't approve. Kids are adorable. Before leaving, I do a few round-offs, we swing, the youngest ones play on the tire swing. Shortly after my friend reminded we're without a hoop.
I never felt happier from such news.

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