Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Moons Reaching for Me

   We've all heard the expression "Getcha' head outta the clouds!". Referring to one caught up in unrealistic dreams. When I look at the sky, it's my biggest reality check. Daytime blue skies, fluffy clouds, it appears un-real to me. When I was just a youngin' I told my brother the sky looks fake. He replied with "Or maybe fake skies look real". Anytime I look up at a nice summer sky, that memory hits me like a 'nam flash back. It wasn't until my first plane ride that I realized clouds are just fog. Foggy days are technically cloudy days, considering they're clouds on earths land.

   The night sky is a whole different ball game. Clear nights I love looking up at the moon and constellations. Wish I could recognize more than the big/little dipper and Orion's belt. Anytime I look at a crescent moon I squint one eye and reach my thumb out. My fingernail is a match, and so is yours! (Saw that in a movie once...). As a child, I thought when told to look at the man on the moon I was literally looking for a human being standing on top. A few years ago I discovered the design of a face with the craters. Also around the time I saw my first shooting star. Growing up I never looked fast enough to see the magic fireball fly through the night sky. Before I knew it, it would have already vanished. Greek mythology, horoscopes/astrological signs always caught my interest.
Fun fact, as an Aquarius my planet happens to be Saturn. The hula hooping legend of space.

I wish I could sit back and enjoy a cup of galaxy. Maybe it would be a reality check in beverage form?

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