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Biography of Barbie

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Barbara Millicent Roberts

Born in the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin on March 9th. 
The first child, a blue eye, blonde haired beauty.
At the age of 5, not only did Barbie get a new baby sister Skipper! Her family and her moved into a larger cape cod, where she met her best friend Midge. Inseparable to Mrs.Roberts advantage, as shortly after twins Tutti and Todd were born the two loved helping out.

As time passed, the girls grew into teens. Both attended Willows High School. Luckily enough to have the same classes, teachers found the two inseparable. Great students, grades, and participant of after school clubs. Well, at least Barbie. She tried out and made the cheer squad, attended the Future Models club, and the debate club. Anything she tried out for, she was accepted in. As for her friend Midge, not so much. She enjoyed supporting her best friend though.

George Roberts: Father of Barbie and spouse of Margaret Rawlins Millicent. Attended Wisconsin State for Architecture. Roberts played football for the Badgers, and also active member of the drama club. While working at the malt shop on campus, he spotted his now beautiful wife of many children. Love at first site. 
Margaret Rawlins Roberts: Mother of Barbie and spouse of George Roberts. Attended Wisconsin State for fashion design. Where she met her now husband at a local campus malt shop. George was a few years older, and I have a feeling Margaret enjoyed that. 
The couple dated for years before marrying at Willows Church. Enjoyed a honeymoon in Hawaii, and moving into a small rancher (designed by George of course).

Barbie's siblings include 4-5 sisters and 1 brother. Skipper (often mistaken as best friend), Stacie, Tutti, Kelly, and Krissy are the ladies. It's possibly Stacie and Tutti are in fact the same person, in regards to similar features and age. Maybe they're twins? Hmm... Then there was Todd. The only poor boy mixed into this family of girls. George helps support the family working as an engineer. Margaret is a homemaker, with the maiden name Rawlins and an older sister Millicent. 

Skipper: 10-year-old younger sister of Barbie. A tech guru and budding filmmaker. Out of all the siblings, she's the one who gets lost in thought with the question "Should I do what Barbie does or do the last thing Barbie would do?".

Stacie (A.K.A Tutti)The jock of the family, and twin of brother Todd. Filled with energy, a jock overall. She loves hanging out with friends and her sisters Barbie,Skipper,Chelsea. Don't forget about her pet guinea pig Tutti absolutely adores. As a tomboy, she fits in great with the guys crowd. However, Tutti is skeptical as to why Skipper is obessed with the guys.

Kelly: Of toddler age. Kelly was the baby of the family, until infant Krissy came about. With long blonde hair, taking after her older sister Barbie's features. 

Todd: By far the most complicated character to understand. It's still skeptical if he's still considered a relative. 

Everybody who knows of Barbie, knows she's madly in love with her boyfriend Ken Carson. 

After Barbie and her best friend Midge made the cut for the Cheer squad, two handsome men approached the girls at a football game. Ken Carson
 and his best friend Allen Sherwood. The four met up for a date at the Burger Place, where the sparks began to fly. Barbie and Ken were becoming closer and closer, dating for years. Allen and Midge hit it off too, and even got married! Ken was kind but conceded. Owning 52 mirrors, and worshiping Barbie.  

In 2004, Barbie allegedly "upset" Ken with her Australian hunk Blaine. It's also said that Ken's thought of Marriage overwhelmed Barbie, creating the break-up of the year. Along with a new relationship. Blaine
 is the brother of Barbie's best friend Summer. Charisma and attitude fulfill this surfer. Daredevil at heart, enjoys extreme sports such as skydiving, surfing, and snowboarding. Win his heart with Pizza and chili dogs. When asked in an interview about pets, Blaine replied "No time for pets, dude!" Both Barbie and her new boy toy are a Taurus. As perfect as the new couple may sound, everybody knows you can't last that long with your best friends sibling. Also, Barbie and Ken can't break up for good. Ever. It just can't happen. Ever. However, this isn't the first time Barbie and Ken split.

2006 was the year Barbie and Ken reunited on the set of Toy Story 3
The worlds most well known couple, once again. Everything is okay in life now. Barbie and Ken will live happily ever after. So we think. 

Do you think Barbie and Ken will have another split?

Not to be mistaken with the non-Mattell organized break-up.


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