Friday, August 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA

Yes, I'm digging into an opinionated post about the performance by Miley Cyrus at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

- She should have worn a sundress of some sort, with a ribbon in her hair.
- Pull off the sundress as Blurred Lines begins, use ribbon as scarf.

think that would be my only suggestions, besides to change that particular hair style

Don't lie, her body is fine.
I've always thought she was ugly in some way. Surprising to have me admit that. 

Also came across pictures from a recent photo-shoot  she must have had. I like the look. Suits her well.

On the contrary...
She began her career as a pre-teen music idol. She's 18 and can do what she wants, but I feel it was too quick of a jump. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eminem - Berzerk Lyrics

Love the chorus. 
Love the song.
Love shady

[Verse 1]
Now this shit's about to kick off, this party looks wack
Let's take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch
I'm 'bout to bloody this track up, everybody get back
That's why my pen needs a pad cause my rhymes on the ra-hag
Just like I did with addiction I'm 'bout to kick it
Like a magician, critics I turn to crickets
Got 'em still on the fence ready to pick it
But quick get impaled when I tell 'em stick it
So sick I'm looking pale, well that's my pigment
'bout to go ham, ya bish, shout out to Kendrick
Let's bring it back to that vintage Slim, bitch!
The art of the MCing mixed with da Vinci and MC Ren
And I don't mean Stimpy's friend, bitch
Been public enemy since you thought PE was gym, bitch

Take your shoes off, let your hair down and (go berserk) all night long
Grow your beard out, just weird out and (go berserk) all night long

We're gonna rock this house until we knock it down
So turn the volume loud, cause it's mayhem 'til the a.m.
So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go, let yourself go
Say fuck it before we kick the bucket
Life's too short to not go for broke
So everybody, everybody (go berserk) shake your body

[Verse 2]
Guess it's just the way that I'm dressed, ain't it?
Khakis pressed, Nike shoes crispy and fresh laced
So I guess it ain't
That aftershave or cologne that made them just faint
Plus I just showed up with a coat fresher than wet paint
So if love is a chess game, check mate
But girl your body's banging, jump me in, bang – bang-bang
Yessiree Bob I was thinking the same thing
So come get on this Kid's rock, baw-wit-da-baw dang-dang
P-p-p pow-pow chicka-chicka wow-wow
Catch a cab, I wanna go down b-b-bow, bow
Slow it down, throw in the towel, t-t-towel toww
Dumb it down, I don't know how (huh-huh) how-how
At least I know that I don't know
Question is are you bozos smart enough to feel stupid
Hope so, now ho...


We're gonna rock this house until we knock it down
So turn the volume loud, cause it's mayhem 'til the a.m.
So crank the bass up like crazy and let yourself go, let yourself go
Say fuck it before we kick the bucket
Life's too short to not go for broke
So everybody, everybody (go berzerk) get your vials

[Verse 3]
They say that love is powerful as cough syrup and Styrofoam
All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo
With the ugly Kardashian
Lamar, oh sorry yo, we done both set the bar low
Bars hard, drugs hard, though that's the past
But I done did enough codeine to knock Future into tomorrow
And girl I ain't got no money to borrow
But I am tryin' to find a way to get you alone, car note!
Oh, Marshall Mathers shouldn't everybody know
Get the bar soap lathered, Kangols and Carhartt-less Cargos
Girl you're fixing to get your heart broke, don't be absurd man
You bird brained baby I ain't called anybody baby since Birdman
Unless you're a swallow
Word, w-word man you heard, but don't be discouraged girl
This is your jam, unless you got toe jam

[Bridge + Hook]

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Joy of Learning Poi

The beginning of 2013, I started dating. This took away tons of my usual time spent hooping. I felt self-conscious to dance, like I was showing off while he sits on his phone. Decided to ask if he does anything in the bizarre (for lack of a better word) category. That's when he whipped out his Katana sword. 

That night I learned how to properly pull out a sword from the side, and was frustrated I couldn't grasp the concept of a simple twist of the wrist trick (literally).
During the time I was starting to self-teach hoop poi. However, the 3-beat weave had me on pause. Within a few minutes, I came to realization this was the hand movement I need to master for the 3-beat weave. 

I first tried while messing with the katana sword, then LED lightsabers, and now my hoops. 

Here's a few shots from my Lightsaber poi experience.

I can proudly say my boyfriend taught me the 3-beat weave with his katana sword without even knowing.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Olly Olly Oxen Free

For the past few years I've felt lost.

Living the Gypsy life isn't as amazing as it may sound. I'm sick of moving, living here, there, back here, over this and that way. I want a home. An occupation, drivers liscense, a family. 

I've been reminding myself "You have to lose yourself before you can find yourself."
Been searching far too long. Like a child, playing hide and seek.
This game of hide and seek isn't fun. Olly olly oxen free doesn't apply.

 My step-brother mentioned he's surprised I haven't ran after any of the many rabbits in our yard, and fallen down a rabbit hole. I sometimes wish I'd catch a glimpse of one wearing a red waistcoat and a watch. So maybe I could escape to Wonderland. 

Little did I know, I've been stuck in Wonderland

I'm a dreamer, and have made some of my most incredible dreams into reality. Running away to the circus would make me happiest. It's what I plan to do. I've gone through step one, with reside of shattered goals fulfilling my mind. Driving myself insane trying to find myself. 
I have found myself. Those goals can be accomplished. "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

I happen to have a call for creating things. 
One day, you'll see me performing. 

Beauty Comes in Various Shapes and Sizes

"Curvy girls do it best."
"Real men like meat on their women."

Real men go for inner beauty.
Personally, I find this harassment as there are plenty of beautiful women that aren't overweight. Healthy girls are the happiest. You can tell a healthy girl by the way she glows.

To start becoming healthier...
Eat breakfast (In particular metabolism boosting foods)
Exercise weekly
Find a hobby you enjoy that's a physical activity
Drink plenty of water

Healthy = Happy 
"Happy girls are the prettiest."
- Audrey Hepburn

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sell my Old Clothes I'm Off to Heaven

Today my boyfriend's grandmother passed away
She lived to be 91, and only spoke Italian (very little mixed English). Came from southern Italy for the American Dream, along with her belated husband, and children. 
Vincenzina. Pretty name, but took awhile to pronounce correctly. She had her furry best friend Tina by her side for the last few years. While showering at their place, she'd yell in Italian that I was taking too long, and on occasion I'd open the door to find Tina wagging her tail eager to use the bathroom. She was trained to use a "potty mat" instead of having to go outside. This pup would understand commands in both English, and Italian. 
When wearing my black tunnels with rhinestones boardering the circle, Vincenzina scrambled through her stuff and handed me a gorgeous necklace. Said it would match my earrings (which she later was startled to see are actually in my ear lobes stretched to an inch), and my glasses nicely. That it'd look beautiful for formal attire. 

R.I.P Vincenzina

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today in History

August, 17, 1977
36 years ago to this day.
We lost the king of rock.
Elvis has been a big part of the music section of my life growing up. My dad loved him back in the day, and even wanted to dye his hair black. Once warned it would turn green, since he's a ginger, he decided not to. Wtf was hair dye made of back then?! He told me as a child how much he regrets not taking advantage of getting his hands on a ticket to see Elvis perform live with his buddy's. If I'm not mistaken, it was his last show in Detroit. 
Another daddy 'nam flashback pop was watching Elvis on the television as a kid in his Highland Park home. Behind him on the couch, my grandpa looks at the upcoming legend performing and starts telling a story about his military days. Apparently...when my grandpa's group was traveling, they stopped near a young man playing on his guitar. A young white southern boy jamming out to a black mans music genre. This was before Elvis had an outbreak, so it was a surprise to see how he's made success.
The song most memorable from childhood is "Falling in Love". In fact, after learning "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals on guitar, I decided to learn that Elvis song since Father's Day was coming up. (However, I didn't go see my dad last Father's Day).
I love this picture. He looks so happy.
Elvis is an American Legend, King of Rock 'n Roll, and brings me a positive vibe from childhood memories. R.I.P King. 

Do you have any memorable Elvis moments to share? 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pulling off the rain boots

Standing in line at Sears, waiting impatiently, staring down the huge rack of goodies and little gadgets. The front of the line stood the only person I've seen in ages who can pull off rain boots.

She wore almost pastel orange knee high rain boots, a casual blue windbreaker, grey yoga pants that fit like pants while being able to tuck the bottom into her boots. Her hair was a nicely slicked back pony, and she didn't need much make-up to look her best. I don't recall ever coming across somebody who can look so classy yet casual, while wearing rain boots.

When I asked if I could take a picture to share, she was enthused and asking how she should pose, basically it was fun and a self esteem boost for her. 
This picture doesn't show the flow of her outfit with th boots nearly as good as it could.

Monday, August 12, 2013

23 Reasons you should be Working out Right Now

1. To be in better shape than you were yesterday.

2. To discover muscles you never knew existed. 

3. For the strength to do strange things.

4. To prove you can carry every single grocery bag into the house in one trip without putting the eggs at risk.

5. To resemble more of Brad Pitt Tyler Durden than Edward Norton Tyler Durden. In terms of physical fitness health, not mental health.

6. To do things you used to only dream of being able to do.

7. You one up everybody lounging on the love seat.

8. So you never have to start over again.

9. To run a mile in the same amount of time as you could in 4th grade.

10. To look back at how far you've come.

11. To hear the words "Have you lost weight".

12. To make girl push-ups a thing of the past.

13. To get high, naturally.

14. To be a competitor, not a participant.

15. To prove "I can't" wrong. 

16. To break a record. After all, records were meant to be broken. 

17. To intimidate that guy messin' with your boy.

18. For the ability to live life to its fullest easier.

19. To release that negative energy.

20. Just to say you can.

21. Because the secrets to your dream body don't work unless you do.

22. So you can enjoy anything without any low self esteem. 

23. To appear like you're showing off without realizing it.

The first time I tried the crow pose, I landed face first with my step-brother as a witness. It was clearly worth it.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mattel vs MGA

The ones who brought you the legendary blonde beauty who can succeed at anything. The Barbie doll.
Did you know Mattel also manufacturers Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, and even American Girl dolls? In the 80's they teamed up with Nintendo making The Nintendo Game System. After being outsold by Sega, Mattel had parted ways with the disappointed company.

The ones who brought you the legendary big headed dolls with detachable feet. The Bratz Dolls. Did you know MGA also manufacturers LalaLoopsie dolls, Moxie Girls, and Rescue Pets
I'm not sure how to feel about MGA now. Bratz Dolls annoy me, even did as a child. LalaLoopsie on the other hand, I absolutely love!
Happy to announce in 2008 Mattel won all rights to MGA, haulting the production of Bratz. Claiming a top notch MGA dude came up with the concept of the (strange looking) dolls while still working for Mattel. Making everything back to normal. Out with the alien head, amputated, ugly dolls and back to Barbie! 'MERICA!

Today in Meijer, I noticed something peculiar...horrifying...
Bratz are MGA trademark?!

Confused little me did research ASAP.

So it turns out...

Come 2010, back to court they went. Followed by the production of the Bratz line once again.
The alien dolls invaded, again. Must comment on the immaturity (and lack of creativity) trying to pull off "Bratzillas" few years following the success of Mattel's line of "Monster High" products.
This is business, not high-school.

Who do you cheer for, Mattel or MGA? 
I'd love to hear others opinions on the subject!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Place Like This

Only in a place like this, you catch yourself eavesdrop on a man's conversation with the voices inside his head.
Making you feel a tad more sane, normal.

Three days.

My roomie was the most adorable optimistic junkie.
One night, lounging with our pals, she spoke of her plush elephant she snuggles every night. A gift from her 4-year-old daughter, given as she was taken away by CPS. While speaking of this, still she smiled

Next door was my partner in crime.
We were basically Bonnie and Clyde of the place. Getting yelled at over the speaker systems.
"'Bonnie and Clyde', please stop dancing as if you're in West Side Story and proceed to Room 1." 
I loved latching onto his arm waiting to be swung.
I was sliding, flying, skating across the corridor.

Occasionally passing in the halls, the young pregnant girl.
Proud to have spoke up, I informed her God didn't create her to raise a baby (as others constantly told her). Especially not with a deadbeat father who's family harasses her, no home, job, or hope. 

The leprechaun.
Us the only gingers, clicking our heels while jumping in the air.
We created smiles, while annoying few staff members.

Sitting in Room 2, "Clyde" and I watched an enthusiastic older man playing his keyboard on the beach. Of course, this beautiful ocean sunset scene was in reality a green screen.
We laughed, enjoyed every minute of his performance.

Once decided to join in on a conversation between the leprechaun, and the middle-aged woman I knew nothing of.
We spoke for the first time.
With her raspy voice, she had told me that she was an Angel.

Only in a place like this do you question the thought of whether or not you met an Angel. 
Questioning her sanity, along with mine.

Lurking the halls was the most depressed pessimistic junkie
Scrawny with muscle replacing fat. Rather attractive, appears as if he'd never shot up dope. Appearing physically healthy yet mentally damaged.
Gauze and medical wrap secured both wrists. Hiding the stitched slashes. He took off his bandages, once. Leaving me staring at something that had just weeks before filled his girlfriends tub with blood.
His motto, "there's no way out"
What does this mean? 
Questioned many times, he left us with no answer.
Simply "there's just no way out"
Curious? Ask him yourself, if he's still around.

Only in a place like this, you make friends with those you can feel death lurking upon.

Only in a place like this, you have the time of your life, yet still indescribably eager to leave.

Only in a place like this, you know these friends surrounding you like'll never speak to again.

You'll never forget a place like this.

Twist or GTFO

A movie about a young lady striving vendetta upon all tornadoes. After witnessing her father's death in result of a bad tornado, and a horrible storm shelter design (wonder who constructed that piece of crap hole in the ground in the first place).

Twister is also an amusing game labeled for "families", but played at parties instead to reduce awkwardness.

This year Hasbro broke down various versions of the game.

Twister Dance - Teaches you how to dance to select songs. 

Twister Rave Dance - Has spots to place on the floor that light up, while dancing free style using your own music playing device. 

Twister Rave Skip-it - You remember that concoction worn around your ankle as a child, twisted into circles while jumping each time it comes back around?
You were a boss at recess if you had one of these bad boys.
Now you can get an LED glowing one!
For the final product description.... 

Twister Rave Hoopz- Two small LED lit hoops. Twist around your wrists, the faster they go the prettier the colors.
As a hooper, you bet I got my hands on this!
Could life get any better, twister HOOPZ?!
Perfect for myself and fellow hoppers, right?

This toy takes skill.

It's nothing like poi or hula hooping whatsoever.
With no grasp, you twirl these tiny things around your wrist and forearm. Avoiding any accidental "slip of the wrist", and breaking grandma's favorite lamp.

Considering the extremely small size, it's fast twirlin' or GTFO. Within minutes your arms will be worn out. Therefore, this game is perfect for those who want toned arms and amusement along the way.
Just try using in a white room for safety. Need a white room? Check your local old haunted asylum.

Hasbro does deserve kudos, as my hoops are still in one piece (luckily household items too).
Not sure why, but not easily adapting makes me want to accomplish this new kids game.
On the contrary, I'd love to try the Skip-it version!

Who's first to verse me in Twister Rave Hoopz?