Monday, August 12, 2013

23 Reasons you should be Working out Right Now

1. To be in better shape than you were yesterday.

2. To discover muscles you never knew existed. 

3. For the strength to do strange things.

4. To prove you can carry every single grocery bag into the house in one trip without putting the eggs at risk.

5. To resemble more of Brad Pitt Tyler Durden than Edward Norton Tyler Durden. In terms of physical fitness health, not mental health.

6. To do things you used to only dream of being able to do.

7. You one up everybody lounging on the love seat.

8. So you never have to start over again.

9. To run a mile in the same amount of time as you could in 4th grade.

10. To look back at how far you've come.

11. To hear the words "Have you lost weight".

12. To make girl push-ups a thing of the past.

13. To get high, naturally.

14. To be a competitor, not a participant.

15. To prove "I can't" wrong. 

16. To break a record. After all, records were meant to be broken. 

17. To intimidate that guy messin' with your boy.

18. For the ability to live life to its fullest easier.

19. To release that negative energy.

20. Just to say you can.

21. Because the secrets to your dream body don't work unless you do.

22. So you can enjoy anything without any low self esteem. 

23. To appear like you're showing off without realizing it.

The first time I tried the crow pose, I landed face first with my step-brother as a witness. It was clearly worth it.


  1. I am sitting here in my running clothes thinking of things I can do instead of running but I have no excuse now!

  2. Damn, girl...way to go on that crow and thanks for sharing this post. I have recently gotten really into a new fitness program, so this post is a perfect reminder to me of why I need to keep doing what I am doing.

    Thanks for linking up to motivational Monday! We can all use exercise motivation. :)

    Becky @