Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mattel vs MGA

The ones who brought you the legendary blonde beauty who can succeed at anything. The Barbie doll.
Did you know Mattel also manufacturers Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, and even American Girl dolls? In the 80's they teamed up with Nintendo making The Nintendo Game System. After being outsold by Sega, Mattel had parted ways with the disappointed company.

The ones who brought you the legendary big headed dolls with detachable feet. The Bratz Dolls. Did you know MGA also manufacturers LalaLoopsie dolls, Moxie Girls, and Rescue Pets
I'm not sure how to feel about MGA now. Bratz Dolls annoy me, even did as a child. LalaLoopsie on the other hand, I absolutely love!
Happy to announce in 2008 Mattel won all rights to MGA, haulting the production of Bratz. Claiming a top notch MGA dude came up with the concept of the (strange looking) dolls while still working for Mattel. Making everything back to normal. Out with the alien head, amputated, ugly dolls and back to Barbie! 'MERICA!

Today in Meijer, I noticed something peculiar...horrifying...
Bratz are MGA trademark?!

Confused little me did research ASAP.

So it turns out...

Come 2010, back to court they went. Followed by the production of the Bratz line once again.
The alien dolls invaded, again. Must comment on the immaturity (and lack of creativity) trying to pull off "Bratzillas" few years following the success of Mattel's line of "Monster High" products.
This is business, not high-school.

Who do you cheer for, Mattel or MGA? 
I'd love to hear others opinions on the subject!

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