Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pulling off the rain boots

Standing in line at Sears, waiting impatiently, staring down the huge rack of goodies and little gadgets. The front of the line stood the only person I've seen in ages who can pull off rain boots.

She wore almost pastel orange knee high rain boots, a casual blue windbreaker, grey yoga pants that fit like pants while being able to tuck the bottom into her boots. Her hair was a nicely slicked back pony, and she didn't need much make-up to look her best. I don't recall ever coming across somebody who can look so classy yet casual, while wearing rain boots.

When I asked if I could take a picture to share, she was enthused and asking how she should pose, basically it was fun and a self esteem boost for her. 
This picture doesn't show the flow of her outfit with th boots nearly as good as it could.

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