Monday, August 26, 2013

The Joy of Learning Poi

The beginning of 2013, I started dating. This took away tons of my usual time spent hooping. I felt self-conscious to dance, like I was showing off while he sits on his phone. Decided to ask if he does anything in the bizarre (for lack of a better word) category. That's when he whipped out his Katana sword. 

That night I learned how to properly pull out a sword from the side, and was frustrated I couldn't grasp the concept of a simple twist of the wrist trick (literally).
During the time I was starting to self-teach hoop poi. However, the 3-beat weave had me on pause. Within a few minutes, I came to realization this was the hand movement I need to master for the 3-beat weave. 

I first tried while messing with the katana sword, then LED lightsabers, and now my hoops. 

Here's a few shots from my Lightsaber poi experience.

I can proudly say my boyfriend taught me the 3-beat weave with his katana sword without even knowing.

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