Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today in History

August, 17, 1977
36 years ago to this day.
We lost the king of rock.
Elvis has been a big part of the music section of my life growing up. My dad loved him back in the day, and even wanted to dye his hair black. Once warned it would turn green, since he's a ginger, he decided not to. Wtf was hair dye made of back then?! He told me as a child how much he regrets not taking advantage of getting his hands on a ticket to see Elvis perform live with his buddy's. If I'm not mistaken, it was his last show in Detroit. 
Another daddy 'nam flashback pop was watching Elvis on the television as a kid in his Highland Park home. Behind him on the couch, my grandpa looks at the upcoming legend performing and starts telling a story about his military days. Apparently...when my grandpa's group was traveling, they stopped near a young man playing on his guitar. A young white southern boy jamming out to a black mans music genre. This was before Elvis had an outbreak, so it was a surprise to see how he's made success.
The song most memorable from childhood is "Falling in Love". In fact, after learning "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals on guitar, I decided to learn that Elvis song since Father's Day was coming up. (However, I didn't go see my dad last Father's Day).
I love this picture. He looks so happy.
Elvis is an American Legend, King of Rock 'n Roll, and brings me a positive vibe from childhood memories. R.I.P King. 

Do you have any memorable Elvis moments to share? 

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