Saturday, August 3, 2013

Twist or GTFO

A movie about a young lady striving vendetta upon all tornadoes. After witnessing her father's death in result of a bad tornado, and a horrible storm shelter design (wonder who constructed that piece of crap hole in the ground in the first place).

Twister is also an amusing game labeled for "families", but played at parties instead to reduce awkwardness.

This year Hasbro broke down various versions of the game.

Twister Dance - Teaches you how to dance to select songs. 

Twister Rave Dance - Has spots to place on the floor that light up, while dancing free style using your own music playing device. 

Twister Rave Skip-it - You remember that concoction worn around your ankle as a child, twisted into circles while jumping each time it comes back around?
You were a boss at recess if you had one of these bad boys.
Now you can get an LED glowing one!
For the final product description.... 

Twister Rave Hoopz- Two small LED lit hoops. Twist around your wrists, the faster they go the prettier the colors.
As a hooper, you bet I got my hands on this!
Could life get any better, twister HOOPZ?!
Perfect for myself and fellow hoppers, right?

This toy takes skill.

It's nothing like poi or hula hooping whatsoever.
With no grasp, you twirl these tiny things around your wrist and forearm. Avoiding any accidental "slip of the wrist", and breaking grandma's favorite lamp.

Considering the extremely small size, it's fast twirlin' or GTFO. Within minutes your arms will be worn out. Therefore, this game is perfect for those who want toned arms and amusement along the way.
Just try using in a white room for safety. Need a white room? Check your local old haunted asylum.

Hasbro does deserve kudos, as my hoops are still in one piece (luckily household items too).
Not sure why, but not easily adapting makes me want to accomplish this new kids game.
On the contrary, I'd love to try the Skip-it version!

Who's first to verse me in Twister Rave Hoopz?

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