Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Duct Tape Bow

Duct Tape has come out with various colors and designs the past few years. Popularity in handmade accessories has become a fashion trend for all ages. Sine you're all so wonderful, here's a easily broken down step by step tutorial for making duct tape bow.

You'll need the following materials.
- Duct Tape (duh)
- Clean Flat Surface
- Scissors
- Ruler/Tape measure
- Scotch Tape (optional)

Step 1: Pull off about an 18 inch strip of duct tape. Lay it sticky side down on your clean surface.

Step 2: Flip half of tape up, with a section at one end longer by just a tad.

Step 3: Form crease, making sure all lines are aligned straight.

Step 4: Use scotch tape to hold end (I used hoop decor tape I don't care for). Align the two sticky sides carefully. 

Strp 5: Wrap around so sticky part left over makes a circle.

Step 6: Hold circle in half, at the middle.

Step 7: Now pinch it in half again, making it layered.

Step 8: Repeat, creating an "M" or "W".

Step 9: Now take your tape for the center, and tape around middle. 
Mess with the crease, and make your bow more plump since its layered.

Use a headband, different style clips, a hairband, etc...

Have an experience to share? Share yours, I'd especially love to see anybody's masterpiece!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hula Hoops, Amazing Friend, and Long Lost Cousins

The night before my family reunion, I'm without a hoop (besides of course a kids water hoop I drained). This would be a Class I Hoopmergency. I contact my hooper buddy Cynthia, and to my surprise she wasn't going to let me have to go hoopless.
The next morning we made one out of 1/2in HDPE pipe, taped it up with some gaffer, and had a short hoop session in my condominium's parking lot.

This was already a perfect day.

Later my father & his friend Agnis scooped me up, and took off for the family reunion. As I entered, familiar faces without names stared me down. Faces I haven't seen in years. Everybody looked so nice, so gussied up. And here's me, ripped jeans, high-tops, struck with anxiety and less coordinated due to the hula hoops resting on my shoulder. 
My cousins grew up, succeeded, have amazing life goals (if not already accomplished). I couldn't tell you what they were in school for, as these are big words and I am tiny Micaela. Tiny Micaela who got to respond to "So are you in school?" with "I'm enrolling in Circus School". 
How embarrassing. What everybody fears, clown college.
I couldn't be more excited, and they couldn't be more enthused. 
Apparently my fathers side is open minded. Open minded enough to pick up a hoop and have fun. Including my aunt, who is a natural hula hooping queen (I shit you not, I not shit you). 

It blew my mind watching this adult woman, my aunt, pick up a children's toy and completely rock it. 

Hayley, my younger cousin, fell in love. She had a hula hoop spinning around her almost the entire time we were playing around. She got to keep my hoop that I was desperate for just the previous night. Suppose it can be considered a trophy for beating our aunt at a hoop off. 

So effortlessly they spun round and round waiting for the other to fail. As you can see, they're even in a lounge position. After a bit, they battled by trying to bump into each other & knock the others hoop down. 
Guess hula hooping is in our family's blood?

This was a perfect day. 

I love the photo of myself and most of the girl cousins. 

This is a perfect picture, on a perfect day.