Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Adventure Time Costumes

Halloween is the one time out of the year we get to dress up in a costume based on a character or idea. Basically, if its a noun, it's a Halloween costume.

A personal favorite costume idea for somebody going solo, or as a group, is Adventure Time characters! I Perfect for any low-budgets, easy to DIY, and who cant fall in love with this show?! 
Now lets get to the costume making!

White Hat - Create your own easily, or check out the toy aisle or DVD section for Finns hat. Cat/teddy bear like ears, loops down under chin. Use velcro to keep latched on. 

Bright Blue T-Shirt - Traditional shirt, lighter shade of blue than bottoms.   JoAnns & other craft retailers carry inexpensive plain shirts. Perfect baggy fit. 

Dark Blue Shorts - Be sure bottoms are a darker shade than top. Denim shorts, sweats that roll up above knee, and basket ball shorts will all work. 

Traditional White Socks - A pair of socks that go just above your ankle roll up perfectly. 

Black Boots - Solid black ankle boots, or even slip ons. 

Back Pack - Light green on top, darker shade of green on bottom. It's basically a stuffed circle with thick cylinder shaped straps. Easy to sew-it-yourself. 

Finn's Sword - Finn's sword has a black handle, with black tape around the handle, and a red stone in the bottom center. Blade itself is an off yellow, with a few chunks missing and scratches. The dollar store foam swords work perfect, aside a little paint, tape/ribbon, and a big red plastic rhinestone.  

Fiona (Girl Finn)

Bunny Ear Hat - Identical to Finn's hat, with longer bunny-like ears.  

Blonde Wig - If you're not already a blonde, use a side sweep medium-long bleach blonde wig. Only exposé half of the face frame (side bangs sweep towards).

Back Pack - Sane concept as Finn's, except reversed colors. Dark green on top, and a lighter shade on bottom. 

3/4 Sleeve Bright Blue Shirt - Fiona has a nicely fitted light blue shirt. Unlike Finn's choice of style, she has 3/4 sleeves instead of a t-shirt.

Shirt Fitted Dark Blue Skirt - Same shading concept as Finn. Skirt appears to be tightly fitted, with it just under her butt. You can wear a fitted dress with her shirt over it. 
Baseball Socks - Her baseball socks are a solid white, with very light blue pair if stripes.

Mary Janes - Solid black Mary Janes, or black flats. If you only have flats, you can modify by sewing on a strap, or temporary ways (including pinning, taping, etc...).

Fiona's Sword - Sponge paint a foam sword from the dollar store. 

Princess Bubble Gum
Part of the candy people
Dress - An off-pink, creating a purple tint to it, with a dark shade of purple lace on the neck rim, and same colored ribbon around upper waist. 
Princess Crown - Yellow orange veil style band with tiara single stone going upward. Sapphire appearance stone on center top. 
Long pink wig - This princess has hair actually made of bubblegum. A plastic or wool type would most likely work best. 

The Ice King

Blue wizard cloak - Long sleeve blue button up, dress, throw over, or huge shirt, going down to just tips of feet. 
Hunchback - Wear a back pack or bag with material stuffed into it (pillows also work great for quick at-home DIY). 
Long white hair/beard/mustache - Santa beards are designed the same. Most are curly, and have a Santa hat on. The crown can cover a small Santa hat.
King Crown - Use a tube of paper. Fold in half to vertically. Hold bottom horizontally (as this is the bottom of crown). Draw the 3 points creating the top. Glue on 3 fake ruby colored stones, middle one bigger than other 2. 
Blue skin & Nose - For his nose, you can easily find a cheap jester masquerade mask at your local craft supply store, JoAnns I know has them. Get a "liquid to rubber" type mask and cover face with jester mask on OR without. If without, then make mask similar color to face tone. Add a pair of matching gloves. 
Lightening bolt - Target has a lightening bolt ice cube tray in the dollar section. Use this as a mold for resin or various other materials. Cutting it out of cardboard works also. Think crafty but simple. Attach to finger with clear wire if desired. 

Lumpy Space Princess (LSP)
Depending on your style preference, you could do either of the following.
Dress in purple, paint skin and temporarily dye hair (wig would work just as good). Use balloons or similar but less fragile prop to attack all over your body. Paint star on forehead. 
- Sew together some tutu material creating a short dress. Add some purple tights, a purple wig (or hair) and a star for your forehead. A star headband going hozontal would look cute.  


Lady Rainicorn

Rainbow - You can get really into this. Wear a rainbow dress, or better yet, make one! Get an old striped rainbow dress from a thrift store if you're not one to have the patience to create an outfit from scratch (we're all like that at times). Be sure to get rainbow knee socks or tights. Rock some green flats, or really any colorful/rainbow shoes.

Blonde Hair & Horn - Invest in a long blonde wig, and glue a unicorn horn or sew it, depending on the material. You can buy felt pieces and sew a plush one, purchase a foam one from JoAnns and attach it.

Tail - You can either cut the blonde wig (if you know how, some cheap ones can be easily ruined so be careful!) and create a pony tail to attach to a tutu or back of dress. You can purchase hair or create it out of some other material. However, the tail is optional. Depending on how far you're going into it.

Easily made with a onesie, Jake hat & attach a tail.

- Onesie 
- (Same Colored Tan) Long Sleeve Shirt/Hoodie &  Sweat Pants

*If wearing a hoodie*
•Sew on jakes ears and cut felt for the rest of his face. Sew  on ears.
*If using DIY Jake face*
•Use baggy beanie, & sew on face with felt cut out. Use felt same color as hat to see a pillow shape of ears (sew into hat after). 

Other Characters

•Peppermint Butler 
wear bright blue tux (can easily use things to replace instead of using an actual tux). wear bright red bow tie, & black dress shoes. Fangs optional.
Light teal tutu, pink shirt, pink frosting hair ("cotton candy" hair wig would work best), & a mustache. 

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  1. I should totally go as mr.cupcake! Lol.
    nice post! useful for adventure time appearance and personality.

    1. If I saw somebody as Mr.Cupcake, I'd give them extra candy. Haha.

  2. Aahhh this is perfect, thanks so much!!!

  3. I need an idea for Cinnamon Bun costume! :-)

    1. Get crafty with an inner tube!
      Obviously wear it vertically vs horizontally.
      Put fabric covering the hole of the tube.
      Now take foam glue and create a thick lumpy layer where cinnamon bun's light frosting is.
      Use the foam glue to create lumps around the inner tube casually.
      Use paints to create the right coloring - and voila!
      A simple DIY cinnamon bun tutorial.
      Adding a face by cutting out felt is an idea to finish it up.

  4. how about for the fire princess

    1. Wear synthetic polyester, cover it in petrol and set it alight. Easy peasy