Monday, September 9, 2013

Hula Hoops, Amazing Friend, and Long Lost Cousins

The night before my family reunion, I'm without a hoop (besides of course a kids water hoop I drained). This would be a Class I Hoopmergency. I contact my hooper buddy Cynthia, and to my surprise she wasn't going to let me have to go hoopless.
The next morning we made one out of 1/2in HDPE pipe, taped it up with some gaffer, and had a short hoop session in my condominium's parking lot.

This was already a perfect day.

Later my father & his friend Agnis scooped me up, and took off for the family reunion. As I entered, familiar faces without names stared me down. Faces I haven't seen in years. Everybody looked so nice, so gussied up. And here's me, ripped jeans, high-tops, struck with anxiety and less coordinated due to the hula hoops resting on my shoulder. 
My cousins grew up, succeeded, have amazing life goals (if not already accomplished). I couldn't tell you what they were in school for, as these are big words and I am tiny Micaela. Tiny Micaela who got to respond to "So are you in school?" with "I'm enrolling in Circus School". 
How embarrassing. What everybody fears, clown college.
I couldn't be more excited, and they couldn't be more enthused. 
Apparently my fathers side is open minded. Open minded enough to pick up a hoop and have fun. Including my aunt, who is a natural hula hooping queen (I shit you not, I not shit you). 

It blew my mind watching this adult woman, my aunt, pick up a children's toy and completely rock it. 

Hayley, my younger cousin, fell in love. She had a hula hoop spinning around her almost the entire time we were playing around. She got to keep my hoop that I was desperate for just the previous night. Suppose it can be considered a trophy for beating our aunt at a hoop off. 

So effortlessly they spun round and round waiting for the other to fail. As you can see, they're even in a lounge position. After a bit, they battled by trying to bump into each other & knock the others hoop down. 
Guess hula hooping is in our family's blood?

This was a perfect day. 

I love the photo of myself and most of the girl cousins. 

This is a perfect picture, on a perfect day. 


  1. She's your cousin, not your aunt :p

    idk why I felt the need to leave a comment about that.

    I guess I'll add that I wish I would have been there.

    1. Dad's side of the family is so confusing!
      Aunt, 2853th cousin, same thing. Haha.
      You should come to the best one, it will probably be when Billy's home. c:

  2. That last portrait really shows your personality. :)