Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Halloween Decor

Halloween is creeping up on us, along with the Holiday season!
Here I share some of my favorite Halloween DIY Decor ideas

Skeletons Climbing 

Any flexible skeleton works. Don't feel like putting them up your house? Think crafty! A staircase, the wall or even ceiling will work. 

Ghosts in the Yard

The picture explains the simple process. Check JoAnns for a proper glow in the dark paint.

Masked Wreath and Chalkboard

I love love love this! A simple mask addition to a fall theme wreath. Switch it to a turkey for November! Plus with a piece of wood & some chalkboard paint you could create festive shapes. Along with a different saying written. 

Monster Wreath

This sir is too cute! I live this fuzzy monster wreath! Easy to DIY. Purchase wreath cheap at JoAnns, and pick up some tutu fabric (or just fuzzy fluff) and an outfit for the little guy. 

Carved Pumpkin Beverage Holder

Fill up pumpkin with ice packs if desired to keep your drinks cold. 
Siringe Jello Shots

Need I say more? Too awesome!

Jake the Pumpkin and Finn the Dog

Yep, your pup can become Halloween decor too! Either purchase or easily sew a Finn hat for your dog. Paint a pumpkin like Jake, and voila!

Creepy Crawly Piano

Piano decor can include anything from creepy candles and cobwebs, to a broom stick and a vampire cape hanging aside. 
Pumpkin Toilet Paper 

These remind me of toilet paper rolls. For the bathroom cover rolls with tissue paper, and cut out a cute (or creepy) jack-oak stern face!

Toilet Creeper

Another cute bathroom Halloween decor idea. Get crafty with it!

Pumpkin in Chains

Painting "mini pumpkins" is a tradition even I loved as a child. Why just paint? Think outside the jack-o-latern! (Okay, that wasn't that punny). Chains are simple to use as an addition for many decorations this season.

Did you get crafty this season? Please share! 
I'd love to see a picture, or hear about it. 

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