Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Regular Show Character Halloween Costume

Some inspiration for regular show costumes within your own closet

- For Mordecai & Margaret, just use red as the color clothing instead of blue for mordecai. 
- Carry around a clip board if Benson. Also consider painting face a pint or red (if you're angry Benson) bordering the bottom half of your face, representing his gumballs. 
- Find inflatable dumbbell for Muscle Man. Or easily DIY with materials such as old cardboard tubes. 
- On the headband for High Five Ghost, attach a white hand shape. You can use materials such as "hand clappers" (party favors), sewn felt, stuffed glove, etc...





Muscle Man

High Five Ghost



Now all you need is some friends to join in, & a golf cart

Enjoy your Halloween!

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