Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costume Party

So this weekend I went to a "mandatory costume" Halloween Party, last minute. If you had a dime, right? Well I was at a friends with limited clothing. I had a sweater that reminded me of Harley Quinn, or a harlequin in general. I watched the Batman cartoon and couldn't she was a psychotic blonde with the same nifty nickname as myself. Well, I'm Harlynn.

I went having no idea who any of these people were, besides one person I hadn't spoken to at all this year. Along with my friend I initially went with, of course. If you had a dime, right? I left with multiple friends. Not sure if some will remember me, but that's expected. Obviously.

I met a sugar daddy, who had a baby carrier with sugar inside. Hopefully I'll get a letter from him when he's sent overseas. I met an army dude sitting on the other side of me when I met sugar daddy. However, he wasn't the one in the army. Ha. Hung out with The Joker, aside another Harley Quinn. She did the version in the video game. There was various interesting costumes, and various interesting people.

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