Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mad Michigan Adventures Eminem's House

Growing up in Metro Detroit isn't all that bad. We have a lot of stores, j walkers (sometimes selling Paris Hilton perfume), construction, people who can't drive, construction. Ohh, and construction.
On the contrary, there's places such as Belle Isle, Downtown Detroit, we're the Motor City! Trademarks too! Such as Marshall Mathers, Eminem, Slim Shady's home. Childhood home is the golden ticket. It's straight down that 8 mile's abandoned in the given up half of Detroit. 

This morning I woke up in a Shady mood. 

Listened to Rap God until I made myself listen to bass and drums (so I slow the process of overplaying the song). I waited for my friend to return, and we began to converse. Next thing you know, we're crushing down 8 mile until we hit Dresden. Where Eminem's childhood home stands. Best known from both The Marshall Mathers LPand The Marshall Mathers LP 2  album cover photos.

The house door has been kicked in since the album for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 had been taken. The awning is torn down since The Marshall Mathers LP. However, there was  still the pieces mounted on. Which I happen to have a piece of. c;

It's the times like these, I'm glad I was raised in Metro Detroit.