Tuesday, November 19, 2013

15 Things About Myself

I love reading blogs, and love to know the writer even more. It's hard to form a personal relationship with all our favorite bloggers, but it's still as if we know each other.
To make life a bit easier, here's 15 facts about myself. I'd love to learn more about you too!

1. I'm terrified of butterflies. The Detroit Zoo has a butterfly house I'm always pressured to go through. I can't touch them, but they can land on me as they please. D:

2. I taught myself how to speak in a Boston accent.

3. I dream to be a circus performer.

4. I'm one of those hoopers. On the contrary, I know very little poi.

5. My cat is a crazy Russian acrobatic, who watches me in my sleep. I love her.

6. I named my cat after a 1930's burlesque dancer. Gypsy Rose Lee.

7. I broke my arm at age 2. My mother wouldn't let me get the ninja turtles cast, so I pulled it off.

8. I consider myself and my sister ballerinas. As we were in ballet well over 10 years.

9. My favorite color is periwinkle.

10. I'm a red-head. Naturally.

11. I consider my step-brother more of a sibling than my biological brother.

12. I can explain how to give a lobotomy.

13. I'm obsessed with chocolate. Any candy really.

14. I've had my pup (Oliver Wendell) since age 7.

15. I've seen every episode of Full House.


  1. I had to look up "periwinkle"! What a pretty colour!

    1. I can't decide between blue and purple, so combined are my favorite! Haha.

  2. I absolutely adore that you named your cat after a 1930's burlesque dancer!

    1. Haha, thanks!! I'm sure she'd appreciate it also haha.