Friday, November 22, 2013

You create your own happiness

Some days just straight up suck. Those are the days you have to find your own happiness.
The most common feeling is boredom. Check Facebook, eat, watch reruns, eat, check Facebook while eating.
Remember that boredom is the time you have complete peace in your mind. Nothing to think about or dreading getting dolled up for. This is the best time for meditation.
Here's a list of things to do on those days:
- Meditate
- Yoga
- Take a walk (bring the doggie too!)
- Hit up the library
- learn something new (crochet, do a handstand, listen to a new artist)
- Clean your personal space
- Get any "chores" out of the way (out of sight - out of mind)
- Read a book in your dusty pile
- Go through clothes, to keep or to donate. (Take new or gently used clothing and get cash at Plato's Closet)
What do you suggest doing on these days to keep happy?

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