Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Interview with a hooper - Sylvi

Hooper Interview - Sylvi

Sylvi is a 23-year-old residing in Chicago. Talented hooper, aerial, poi, and fire arts. Dancing since the age of 6, and progressing in her circus art skills for the past year and a half. Featured in music videos, and over 50 photoshoots. You can check out her youtube channel for a look at Sylvi's skills. 

What influenced you to start hooping?
I went to my first music festival in 2012 and I saw all of these girls dancing around careless and beautiful while hula hooping. I've always been a dancer and thought it was be awesome to try so I went and purchased my first hoop which was an LED (silly me not realizing how much led hoops cost) and the second I got home started practicing.

What made you stuck in the hoop zone?
I went through a really terrible break up right after I started my hoop journey. I felt alone, I realized I didn't know who I was outside of my failed relationship and decided I was going to gain my own identity back and I did it in the coolest way possible, hula hooping!

How long have you been hooping?
I started hula hooping on July 4, 2012...so a year and four months.

What's the first trick you remember accomplishing?
I learned the "burlesque bow" off of youtube.

Do you consider it a hobby, or a career?
I consider it a career. I perform one to two times a week, and I am also in the process of getting Hoopnotica certified because I will be teaching hoop dance classes at Rising Goddess Fitness in Westmont, Illinois.

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you hoop?
Hawaii, the scenery alone is totally inspiring!

Do you prefer to make your own or purchase custom made hoops?
I am blessed enough to be sponsored by the most amazing company, Hippie Hoops. The hoops are quality, made with love and priced perfect. I am lucky enough to offer everyone 10% off with my code SYLVI on our etsy shop as well! 

Have you performed - if so what was your favorite gig? 
I do perform, you can find my performance page here. Hands down most life changing performance was being able to hoop with my favorite music artist Gramatik at Hyperion Music Festival.

What advice do you give those eager to start the art of hula hoop dancing?
You are in for one amazing journey! Make sure you focus on your progression and not everyone else's, feeling discouraged is totally normal but giving up should never be an option. Try, try again!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The wonders of dating a gamer

Dating a gamer can be hard at times, considering I have no interest in video games. With the exception of DDR, Rock Band, and The Sims. When I've been lounging around waiting all day for him to come home just to jump on his computer - it's rough. 

He's not your typical Call of Duty, or World of Warcraft gamer. In fact, he has great dislike towards those in particular. Enjoys role playing games most, and even plays Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends. Let me tell you, creating a character sheet isn't as easy as you'd think. I planned to join in - along with his buddy's girlfriend. Yeah...that never happened. 
On the virtual end he enjoys EVE, Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Battlefield (just a few of many).
However it does has its ups. Like the quotes I'll over hear, or that I'll note while he's explaining an experience.

Noteable quotes:
"So then we got jumped by a bunch of trolls..."
"Just scared the s#&t out of that tank!"
"I don't like minecraft. If I want to play with blocks I'll go play with Legos."

No matter what, at the end of the day I still love him - and am glad to be here together. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boots for shaping that booty

Cheeks fit body boots are designed for us exercise fanatics, and come in adorable designs!! With interchangeable cuffs, so you can switch up your look each time. They're super cozy and stylish.

I love these particularly for hooping. It was a Christmas gift from my boyfriends wonderful mother. To get your own pair click here!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Interview with a hooper - Olivia

Hooper Interview - Olive Oyl

Olivia is a well known Detroit hooper. She's talented with hoop dancing, fire arts, Cyr wheel, and much  more! You can check out her YouTube channel for some awesome videos. One of her videos is actually what inspired me to start hooping myself! 
She also owns her own business Harmonic Hoops with amazing practice, performance, and fire hoops. But wait! That's not all! If you're looking for the perfect hoop attire, check out her Etsy shop Harmonic Threads.

What influenced you to start hooping?
I saw other girls hooping at music festival in Detroit and I was mesmerized. I asked if I could try and I was instantly hooked.
What made you stuck in the hoop zone?
I stuck in the hoop zone because it felt amazing! It was good exercise since I was working an office job at the time.

How long have you been hooping?
I have been hooping 5.5 years. May 2008 is when I started.

What's the first trick you remember accomplishing?
The first trick I remember accomplishing was the lift up from my waist up into halo.

Do you consider it a hobby, or a career?
It is 100% my career now. It didn't start out that way, but because of the hoop I run 2 of my own businesses that are supported by the large hoop community. 

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you hoop?
New Zealand!

Do you prefer to make your own or purchase custom made hoops?
I make my own hoops. I run a fire hoop company called Harmonic Hoops, where I make regular hoops and fire hoops. I order my LEDs from other companies since I don't make those.

Have you performed - if so what was your favorite gig? 
I perform for a living on top of my two businesses. My favorite was the whole Shpongle US Tour I was picked to do in summer 2011.

What advice do you give those eager to start the art of hula hoop dancing?
Don't give up and don't be afraid to exaggerate your movements!! Everyone looks a little dumb at first. (;

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spending Christmas different than usual

      In the past, I've always spent Christmas with my mom's side at my grandparents house. This year I decided not to go - to avoid any tension, and spent it with my boyfriend's family. For the first time I got to meet his mother's husband. All together it was him, his sister, his mother, and the two of us. I couldn't have had a better time.

      Nice traditional ham dinner, watched Christmas shows following some brain teaser show on National Geographic. His little sister, only 4 years old, can read and learns with her tablet. She also loves Spiderman and Batman over My Little Pony or Dora. We played with her Batman house, which I must say was hard considering I have a thing out for the Batman and the lack of Joker toy. I managed by using Robin, haha. Overall it wasn't awkward and very laid back, just how one would want to spend Christmas.
      His sister and I had a little photoshoot, as she was fascinated to see herself on the screen of the camera while taking pictures. Even caught her picking her nose. c; 

How was your Christmas spent this year?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

14 facts I've gathered throughout time

14 facts for 2014

- Look up at the ceiling, image all the things in the room fitting up there.
Unless ceiling is oddly shaped or slanted, its the exact same size as the room. A good 10% of others find this uninteresting.

- 73% of all percentages are made up on the spot.

- Cookie Monster talks the dialect of an Asian American, from Asia.

- Tyler Durden is correct, IKEA sucks and I am Jacks smirking revenge (Possibly Jills disturbed nightmares also).

- It's not easy learning two languages at a time.

- Happiness is like perfume, you can't give any without getting a little on yourself.

- No matter what race or age, we all need the same amount of love.

- 81% of all percentages are made up on the spot.

- You don't get a wrinkle in your brain every time you learn something new.

- Kisses don't literally help heal any wound.

- Auto body is an art.

- Hula hooping is a sport.

- Dungeons and Dragons takes a lot of knowledge and patience.

- Drinking isn't as fun as it was at age 16.

What have you learned throughout time?

2014 Resolution

      2013 has been a horrible year. Didn't quite meet the expectations of my resolutions, and am starting new realistic ones for this upcoming year. I sure do hope 2014 has better luck for me in store. Something I am thankful for is anybody reading this right now. All the bloggers, fellow readers, just the blogging community in general. I don't think I could have made it through 2013 without you all. So supportive, and motivational. So I thank you all for that. <3

Perform with my hoop - That was on my 2013 resolution, and I could have had opportunities if I wasn't such a "I'm going to hide in my shell" type of person. Which brings us to our next resolution...

Get out of my shell, and get downtown - Downtown Detroit is beautiful. My boyfriends basement, not so much. With plenty of events and fellow circus artist, now bringing us to my next resolution...

Start driving - Since I'm a "I'm going to hide in my shell" type of person, it's hard to get me out of the house as well as on the road. It seems startling, but I know I can do it. I've driven everywhere besides the freeway, and can also drive a stick. I have confidence. 

Get in shape the healthy way - This past year I struggled with anorexia, and didn't quite know it at first. Yes - that is possible, so I've learned. After realizing my problem I started a regular workout by hooping daily. I had various random hooping friends, motivation, and lost them as well. To be honest, all I need to motivate me to workout is some space and my hoop. 

Have self-confidence - As a 20-year-old girl this is quite typical. I have to realize what I do to impress others, and to impress myself. Then keep it at simply impressing myself while respecting others. 

Make a close friend - That one friend. That "girl friend" you can tell anything and do anything with and feel totally comfortable. I need that type of relationship. I lack that type of relationship. I've had that type of relationship - and lost it. For both reasons in and out of my control.

Maintain a steady blog - I absolutely love the blogging environment. Like I said, everybody supports each other. I love it. I want to stick with it - and grow bigger with it. 

Maintain a steady job - My biggest job related regret was screwing up at Victoria's Secret. I just kinda...quit. I didn't drive, which is a huge goal to accomplish to maintain a job. Also, getting out of my shell.

What's on your 2014 resolution list?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Confessions of a blogger

I was tagged by Danielle of A Writer in Love to take this blogger challenge!! 
Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check if I tagged you. c; 

"Confessions of a Blogger"

1. When did you first start blogging and why?
I started this blog the beginning of this year (2013) because I have been unemployed and always loved the blogger environment. Everybody's so supportive, and my sisters been blogging for quite some time. That inspired me as well.

2. Have you had any past online presence?
I used to have a blog on tumbler "Hello Kiddie" haha. Also had a blogger "Miss.Micaelove" to follow up with my Etsy shop. I took both down to get a fresh start.

3. When did you become serious about your blog?
Once I started reading other blogs, and connecting with the environment (which happened pretty quickly!!) I became attached. Now I'm working with some affiliate programs (read in the "about" section for more details), and plan to open an Etsy shop to link up with this blog. c:

4. What was your first blog post?
"Hello, My name is..." was my first blog post. Just introducing myself and letting everybody know a bit about me.

5. What have been your biggest challenges blogging?
Traffic definitely!! Which has changed dramatically since I connected with the community. Now it's waiting to post my next blog post, haha. I tend to want to quicker than I should - or vice versa.

6. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
By far the comments and feedback from readers. I love to get new comments from bloggers so I can go read something new!!

7. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
I've never been personally attacked, but when a post doesn't get as much attention I feel it deserves. Not for selfish reasons, but for reasons I feel others should take a look for their own sake. I always try to be motivational.

8. What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
My last inspiration was Danielle from A Writer in Love to write this post - as she tagged me!! My sister and her friend Sara have always been huge blogging inspirations.

9. What is your blogging dirty little secret?
I tend to share my dirty little secrets on my blog actually. c;

10. What is your current goal as a blogger?
I'd love to get more traffic. Not for the sake of being able to say I have it, but because people truly find interest in my writing.

11. Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise?
Style!! I lack a sense of style compared to the majority of these beautiful bloggers with fashion blogs. It's inspired my current look - and I catch myself thinking more when shopping.

I'd like to tag the following bloggers to take this "Confessions of a blogger" survey:
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday spendings

      So today my dad picked me up for lunch and a shopping spree, along with his friend Agnes. We hit up Red Robin where we discussed politics and my downsized gauged ears (which have Super man plugs in 'em). After lunch, we hit up Khols where I got some adorable clothes!! My favorite being my new red wings hoodie. Excited to wear it - I get home and put it on. It's just as comfy as it is cute!! Problem - the security tag is still on. The buzzer on the door didn't even go off?! Now I have to walk up to Khols nearby my residence and ask to have it taken off. Ughh. First world problems? Yes, but still a pain.

I also got an adorable Rugrats top I had to show off!! I'm in love with it, as I was obsessed with the show as a child. Kimi is included on the shirt, which I love considering it's a pretty rare find.

How's your weekend been going?
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in a nutshell














My go-to meal {The Girl Between the Lines}

      So I found out about this wonderful link-up through Adri's Thoughts. She has a beautiful story about her go-to meal. Every week the link-up is set by The Girl Between the Lines. This weeks topic...
What's your go-to meal?
Girl Between the Lines Link up

      My go-to meal is definitely pizza!! Living in Metro Detroit, just about any gas station or corner store sells in-expensive pieces by the slice. It's like a food-venture each time I buy a different slice. Will it be Chicago style or New York style? You never know. However - it's always delicious. Most slices are New York style, while if you buy a whole box it seems more Chicago. Strange, but I have no complaints, haha. 

      Growing up I always requested Hungary Howies pizza vs. my family's favorite Jet's. The only two pizza places open in the small town I grew up in. In fact, the only times I really recall getting Hungary Howies was when it was my birthday. Being the youngest doesn't always mean you get what you want!!

       To this day whenever I see a pizza box by the sewer drain, I believe the Ninja Turtles have been there. 

5 gifts your boyfriend will enjoy

      After many enjoyed the "7 things you don't get your boyfriend for Christmas" with the help of my boyfriend Dan, I decided to interrogate him a bit more as of what you should get your boyfriend. This list was much harder than what not to get, it took him quite awhile to gather thoughts.

"Just look into the specific guy's hobbies." - Dan

Book series
"If he has a preference in books that have an ongoing series, get the next in the collection he doesn't have yet."

Video game
"If you're dating a guy that plays Call of Duty, find another first person shooter. If he likes Final Fantasy, find another role playing game. Guys who plays sports games are a little harder, because sports games are sports games. If he already has the newest baseball game, what can you do?"

"It's always nice to have a selection of coats, just go by his style. What type of weather it's for also matters. A hoodie vs a winter jacket - think style and what season he's out and about most."

Season of television series
"Guys do like their shows if they're caught up into any in particular."

Anything tech related
"What guy doesn't love a new phone, tablet, etc? Whatever thing seems most fit for your guy."

Now you know from a boyfriend himself - 5 gifts your boyfriend will enjoy.

Adventure time with Beemo!

My boyfriend got me an early Christmas surprise.
BMO (Beemo)! 
An adorable plush from the series Adventure Time!! 
This little guy is life size, 8 inches in length. I absolutely adore it!!

      Known as sexless (considering s/he's an electronic), I still refer to it as a he. Not just any electronic though! BMO is Finn and Jakes living video game console, portable electrical outlet, music player, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light, skateboarder, soccer player, video editor, and video player. As well as their loyal and trustworthy friend - who protects them from any danger possible.

"When bad things happen, I know you want to believe they are a joke, but sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light." - BMO

To get a BMO plush just like mine Click here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

7 Dr.Seuss books all children should own

Dr Seuss's Sleep Book

All children have those "I'M NOT GOING TO BED AND NEVER WILL!" days. Simply offer up a negotiation. If you read a few books and they don't fall asleep, they can stay up. Read a book or two (since they have the mind-set not to sleep) then whip out this bad boy. I've never seen a child stay awake through this entire book. Click here to view my review on this book.

The Foot Book

This was the first book I ever read on my own. Unlike some of Seuss's books (such as the ABC book), this one is fun to read with more than 3 words on the page.

There's a Wocket in My Pocket

To this day, one of my favorites. Repetitive sequences - such as that used in the song "The 12 Day's of Christmas" keep any child thrilled. This is simply an adventure in a book.

The Cat in the Hat

Of course every child should own this book. It makes them appreciate the fun of rainy days with no electronics. Personally - I think it explains cats pretty well too.

The Lorax

The Lorax is a beautiful story. Explaining the importance of Earth itself, and the appreciation of nature. I do however wish tree's looked like they do in that world. 

Are You My Mother?

This book is an adventure with a tiny bird trying to find who the heck is it's mother. From animal to animal - the bird tries searching for it's mother. Learning why each different animal couldn't be.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

By far one of the most inspiring books. Very motivating. When I have a child in the far future, I'll be reading this one every day.

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