Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 gifts your boyfriend will enjoy

      After many enjoyed the "7 things you don't get your boyfriend for Christmas" with the help of my boyfriend Dan, I decided to interrogate him a bit more as of what you should get your boyfriend. This list was much harder than what not to get, it took him quite awhile to gather thoughts.

"Just look into the specific guy's hobbies." - Dan

Book series
"If he has a preference in books that have an ongoing series, get the next in the collection he doesn't have yet."

Video game
"If you're dating a guy that plays Call of Duty, find another first person shooter. If he likes Final Fantasy, find another role playing game. Guys who plays sports games are a little harder, because sports games are sports games. If he already has the newest baseball game, what can you do?"

"It's always nice to have a selection of coats, just go by his style. What type of weather it's for also matters. A hoodie vs a winter jacket - think style and what season he's out and about most."

Season of television series
"Guys do like their shows if they're caught up into any in particular."

Anything tech related
"What guy doesn't love a new phone, tablet, etc? Whatever thing seems most fit for your guy."

Now you know from a boyfriend himself - 5 gifts your boyfriend will enjoy.

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