Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Interview with a hooper - Sylvi

Hooper Interview - Sylvi

Sylvi is a 23-year-old residing in Chicago. Talented hooper, aerial, poi, and fire arts. Dancing since the age of 6, and progressing in her circus art skills for the past year and a half. Featured in music videos, and over 50 photoshoots. You can check out her youtube channel for a look at Sylvi's skills. 

What influenced you to start hooping?
I went to my first music festival in 2012 and I saw all of these girls dancing around careless and beautiful while hula hooping. I've always been a dancer and thought it was be awesome to try so I went and purchased my first hoop which was an LED (silly me not realizing how much led hoops cost) and the second I got home started practicing.

What made you stuck in the hoop zone?
I went through a really terrible break up right after I started my hoop journey. I felt alone, I realized I didn't know who I was outside of my failed relationship and decided I was going to gain my own identity back and I did it in the coolest way possible, hula hooping!

How long have you been hooping?
I started hula hooping on July 4, 2012...so a year and four months.

What's the first trick you remember accomplishing?
I learned the "burlesque bow" off of youtube.

Do you consider it a hobby, or a career?
I consider it a career. I perform one to two times a week, and I am also in the process of getting Hoopnotica certified because I will be teaching hoop dance classes at Rising Goddess Fitness in Westmont, Illinois.

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you hoop?
Hawaii, the scenery alone is totally inspiring!

Do you prefer to make your own or purchase custom made hoops?
I am blessed enough to be sponsored by the most amazing company, Hippie Hoops. The hoops are quality, made with love and priced perfect. I am lucky enough to offer everyone 10% off with my code SYLVI on our etsy shop as well! 

Have you performed - if so what was your favorite gig? 
I do perform, you can find my performance page here. Hands down most life changing performance was being able to hoop with my favorite music artist Gramatik at Hyperion Music Festival.

What advice do you give those eager to start the art of hula hoop dancing?
You are in for one amazing journey! Make sure you focus on your progression and not everyone else's, feeling discouraged is totally normal but giving up should never be an option. Try, try again!


  1. awesome post. Miss hearing from you chick. :D Hope you have a great New Years. Dont party too hard. :D and have a good 2014 to come.

    1. Hope you have a good year to come too!!

  2. That is amazing!!! She's so cool!!! :) Cool interview!! I never got hula hooping down, but I wanna try.. lol.

    Hope you have an amazing New Year.

    1. I love hula hooping, give it another go?
      You have an amazing new year too!!

  3. well done :)
    i love reading interviews with interesting people <3
    happy new year :) !

    1. Thank you - and Happy New Year to you too!!

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    1. They were not taken by myself - but I'm sure Sylvi would greatly appreciate the comment. c:
      Happy new year to you too!!