Thursday, December 19, 2013

My go-to meal {The Girl Between the Lines}

      So I found out about this wonderful link-up through Adri's Thoughts. She has a beautiful story about her go-to meal. Every week the link-up is set by The Girl Between the Lines. This weeks topic...
What's your go-to meal?
Girl Between the Lines Link up

      My go-to meal is definitely pizza!! Living in Metro Detroit, just about any gas station or corner store sells in-expensive pieces by the slice. It's like a food-venture each time I buy a different slice. Will it be Chicago style or New York style? You never know. However - it's always delicious. Most slices are New York style, while if you buy a whole box it seems more Chicago. Strange, but I have no complaints, haha. 

      Growing up I always requested Hungary Howies pizza vs. my family's favorite Jet's. The only two pizza places open in the small town I grew up in. In fact, the only times I really recall getting Hungary Howies was when it was my birthday. Being the youngest doesn't always mean you get what you want!!

       To this day whenever I see a pizza box by the sewer drain, I believe the Ninja Turtles have been there. 


  1. I love pizza!!!!! I think it was one of my go-to meal in college.
    And going to New York and Chicago and now Detroit ;), and trying pizza is definitely on my bucket list. :)

  2. I actually had pizza today for lunch from pizza hut. Best pizza I had in a while but then again it was even left overs from the nite before hand. Mr. Amazing's trick was to heat it up in the oven instead of the microwave. said it taste leathery in the microwave when it's re-heated and it definitely made a world of difference heated in the oven.

    1. That'swhat I do too!! Haha. I use a toaster oven or oven, but occasionally get lazy and eat it cold. :P