Saturday, January 25, 2014

A scaredy cat

Meet Taylor: A scaredy cat

      My step-brothers 4-year-old cat/my roommate. Her name "Taylor" was inspired by Taylor Swift. Yes, this cat is named after Taylor Swift. When she was just a little kitten my step-brother and his ex adopted her, and both have an obsession with Miss.Swift. As the brother says "Swifty for life!". 

      Taylor is quite the average scaredy cat. Startled by the tiniest noises or objects. Yet, she's brave enough to boop the two older cats on the head. However, since she's so cute and the man of the condo loves her most she gets away with it. Half the time shown sympothy as if she was the one attacked. Her boops are nothing but simple boops on the head, as her front claws are gone. It's hilarious watching her throw a hissy fit and scratch the chair. I always tell her to keep it up, she's doing no damage, hehe. 

       I used to enjoy startling her, until I realized she was sincerely scared. How did I startle her? I'd use a raspy whisper voice and tell her "Monopoly will get you and you're whole family". She'd show me the face in picture two, and scurry away. This was always when my step-brother and I would be playing our daily game of monopoly. The picture above is proof she loves me, as she came a sat in my lap. After I pet her of course.

Fun Taylor fact: She has two gray marks on her. One looks like Mickey Mouse, while the other the shape of a heart. I'll show a picture of this in the near future, as I don't have one at the moment. You can kind of see Mickey in the last picture. 


  1. LOL at the Monopoly thing. My cat is named Jackie and he's scared of everything :) :) Following your blog now...♥

    1. Yes she is silly, hehe.
      I follow you back. <3

  2. He he she is adorable!!! XO

  3. Awwwwwww I love she is soooooo cute!

  4. What an adorable cat!

    Corinne x

  5. Hi Micaela!!!
    You have a lovely cat!!!!
    Kisses doll!

  6. Oh she's so cute ^_^ Look at that lovely little face and her adorable pink nose!

  7. She's too precious! A real scaredy cat.