Sunday, January 5, 2014

Being a kid


      So yeah, I'm a redhead. I miss being one. I also miss being a kid (don't we all?) - but can only remember dying to grow up. Wish I would've realized life isn't all it's made out to be. Being sent to your room isn't shit, try jail. Having to go to school isn't hell on earth, having to find a job or lose your home is. Homework isn't the worst thing in life, might be. 
      My point is that I'd love the opportunity to go back and restart. Not even restart, just live life to the fullest as a kid. That's the best part of one's life, the most memories are made growing up. I remember when my mom was the leader for my brother's boyscout troupe, and one of the fellow boy's pulled off my U of M cheerleader barbie's head. A decade later we went on a date (if I remember correctly). The little things that seemed to be "the worst thing that ever happened" don't even matter now. Who the hell knows where U of M barbie is? (in my old barbie stash at my moms...). In middleschool I lost a friend over a band. Yes, a band. I found out the name of a song she had left on my voicemail, and since I liked it she decided not to be friends anymore as they are going to become "too big". Now we couldn't care less, we plan to hoop soon in fact. 
      On the contrary - I do have good memories. Like this photo for instance. It's in the gym of the rec center our family held almost all of our birthday parties at. My many cousins and I would pull out the mats and do some gymnastics, or ride across the gym on little scooters. In kindergarten my best friend and I planned to run away and live on the playground. When my mom asked why I was packing, I told her. My plan was perfect, sleep in the tunnel, wake up going down the slide, and eat cafeteria food. Haha, man I miss being a kid.

      I think this was a jumpled mess of a post, but much needed. 
What's one of your childhood memories?


  1. Such a gorgeous pic!!! Wow that is so true:) I remember how worried I've got when I didn't finish my homework and the sick in my stomach before a math test, so for these things I really don't miss:) but loved the times I went abroad with my family and even lives for couple of years in Serbia in a gorgeous area with wonderful community!
    Great post!!!
    Happy new year!

    1. That's awesome you got to sail around and live in Serbia!! I'm sincerely jealous!
      I went to Disneyworld...haha.

  2. You were (and are) gorgeous. I envy redheads. But I dye my hair to be red anyway to make up for it! lol

  3. Lovely photo! What you say is so true! Wouldn't we all want to go back in time, be a kid and just start over!
    A childhood memory… when I was a about 4 when my parents brought a house in France. I liked going to see the neighbor to see his farm. One day he had been 'frog fishing' and showed me how to cut the legs off the live frogs… Frogs were my favorite animal/pet. I ended up crying and saved a few that I put in my paddling pool lol!
    Take care
    ps: do you have a blog button?

    1. Awww, that's adorable that you saved a few!! ^_^
      I'm jealous you have a house in France! I really want to learn French.
      I do, on the top under the "Blog Buttons" tab. :D