Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Health challenge 2014

This year I'm going to be very open. I've been diagnosed as psychotic depressive and schizophrenic. The medicine I've been put on has made me gain weight, and I'd like to prove it's possible to maintain a healthy weight while on these types of medication. However - I'm mainly going to document my BMI, as I find weight directly to be more of a mind f#&@. My current BMI is 25.0. My goal is 20.0.

What I'm doing differently
Skip out on the junk food. Whenever my boyfriend or I go to the corner store for cigarettes, we always get pop and a candy. I definitely need to skip out on both. I'm a chocolate fanatic, so I'll probably have to ween myself off haha. 

Stop drinking pop. I've done it before for 2 years, I can do it again. Instead of picking up a carbonated drink I can always choose a Gatorade when wanting that flavorful taste. 

Pick a stick routine. Write down a workout on a popsicle stick, and pick one daily to do. I saw this idea on pinterest and loved it!! I may do another stick cup for hoop tricks to practice daily. 

Workout daily. This was never a problem for me, until I moved in with a hoarder. No room for hooping. On the contrary, I'm moving some crap around to make my own little space to hoop. c: 

I'll be documenting my journey to health each week, so keep an eye out for what I'm doing differently or if I'm succeeding. c:


  1. These are amazing goals you have. I am sure you will get better. *Hugs*

  2. Hey girl! You are very brave to be so open! I want to be more open not be ashamed. Being ashamed is something I struggle mother is ashamed of it, which makes it even harder - she won't even use the term for what I have. Almost like if she says it, then it's real. Ugh. I'm bipolar and take meds that make me gain weight too. It's frustrating feeling like I have that always working against me. For a bit last year, I even went off my meds "just to see" how I was without them. Big mistake. I've come to accept that I will need these meds forever - they make me a better mom and that's more important than anything. I want to get into yoga this year. It's hard for me to get out of the house a lot, so I hope it's something I can learn by myself at home. I have a few videos - I need to break them out! HAHA! And hope to YouTube and Pinterest search some exersizes too.

    Wishing you all the best!!

    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks Jessica!!
      I hope you accept your bipolar disorder, along with your mother. It can be very tough dealing with these kinds of mental issues, but if we work with them we can overcome many obstacles. c: Wishing you the best as well. <3

  3. I just can't stop with drinking pop! ;) they're so good !!! XO

  4. Well done for being so honest about your diagnosis! It can be hard to put something so personal out there.

    Good luck with your goals! Can't wait to read about your journey to health =)

    Corinne x

  5. I need to stop drinking soda also! Good luck