Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Left: My sister and I back in '09. We're pretty sexy. 
Top: Photo of my pup Oliver and kitty Gypsy in 2011. Photocredit
Bottom: Oliver does not understand the whole "window" thing clearly. 

Top left: Gotta have my 'Pacs!
Top right: The day I took a visit to the house on the Marshal Mathers LP and LP2.
Bottom left:Twin towers artwork from the elementary art fair. Is this...this is okay? Haha. 
Bottom right: Smoking sparklers. c;

Top left: My brother with his pokeball I made out of his glass thing that goes over the light in his bedroom, on his 23rd birthday. Daawww.
Top right: First time eating Jimmy Johns. Yes, this was documented with photographic proof.
Bottom left: Myself and my brother's ex (and now my good friend) Kira showin' our guns. I love her bellybutton shining, haha.
Bottom right: My friend Lainie and I trading shades, she happen to be the one who introduced me to Jimmy Johns!!

Hope everybody has an amazing week!!