Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birthday in my dreams list

      The 17th of this month I'll be turning 21. Hold the alcohol, I'd rather have a variety of other things. Never was huge on drinking...

DSLR camera
       Especially since I've been blogging, photography has been calling my name. My sister could give me tips along with a few friends, it'd help my blog and create more interesting posts, and I'd have fun capturing memories.

Polaroid camera
      I love polaroid cameras because they develop the picture immediately. The quality and effect on the picture also is quite nice. You can't purchase film anymore, so I've heard - but I've seen it a few places around town.

 Abrecrombie & Fitch pullover hoodies
      The brand name is neutral to me, the comfort is the key. I also love Abrecrombie's fit verses Hollister. 

 Victoria's Secret yoga pants
      These are the comfiest yoga pants ever. Period. 

      This top wrap for hooping by Harmonic Threads. I'm obsessed with hoods, and this could go with any fitted Tee. 

5-wick fire hoop
      I'd love to get into the fire arts, and have a good friend who can help me begin and teach me saftey procedures. I've wanted one of these babies for awhile. <3

Essie nail polish
      I'd like to start doing more with my nails, and Essie nail polish would be a great headstart!

Friendship bracelet making kit
      Friendship bracelets are fun as heck to make! If you get crafty with it you can make other things such as bookmarks. 


  1. I love the camera. I actually have one that a ex friend gave me and she had never used it and knew i loved to take pics so much and needed a better camera. i love it but want a bigger one. its a Cannon - power shot sx100 8.0 pixels 10x op zoom

  2. I really want an DSLR... one day! I have a pair of VS pink pants that are like 5 years old and I still wear them all the time! Love them!

    1. Can't say I'm surprised. They're good quality!

  3. Friendship bracelet making kits?! YES to reliving my adolescence! I broke my back in a car accident recently so I'm panning for things to do now ALWAYS. I've been working on some pain by number, but I may need to revisit the friendship bracelet.

    thanks for the idea!

    1. No problem Rachel!
      I hope you feel better. <3

  4. I love my DSLR. Everyone who enjoys taking photos needs one! I'm also going to go check out that clothing site now because I LOVE that style! Essie polish is the best. I won't use anything else! =]