Sunday, February 9, 2014

Etsy finds

      This sphynx cat clock by BaublesCat is too cute! I love that the cat is walking, kind of a reference to time if you over think it. I also love the silhouette look.  Makes the whole "what time is it" thing easier as the hands are white. However, I highly doubt I have the ability to read the time on this in less than a minute. 

      I love this hourglass necklace made by MyPaperPlane. I remember seeing a much poor quality version at Claire's awhile back. I would have fun all day letting the sand seep through to each side, hehe. The gold and white go perfectly together. 

      These mermaid alpaca buttons made by SharodactylArt are too friggen cute. I'm obsessed with alpacas/llamas and also mermaids, so this is literally perfect. I'd love a shirt with one of these!

      This string knot necklace made by HOMAKO is to die for! The design reminds me of beetlejuice, which I think is why I love it so much. The gold looks great with the black and white. 

      This cat ring made by DiscoLemonadeDesigns is gorgeous! I love the way it wraps around, leaving a tail look at the end. I'm fond of serpents also which makes this all the more perfect. 

      This adorable Aztec tribal headband is also made by DiscoLemonadeDesigns. I love the print and size of this particular headband. The colors also clash nicely together. I think I'd wear this all day everyday. 

      This elephant necklace made by AppleLatte is too adorable! I love the simplicity of this little guy. It's said that an elephant with it's trunk upward is good luck, which I've been really spiritual (for lack of a better word) about lately. These colors go perfectly together, I just love it.