Friday, March 14, 2014

Joseph Kony is still active

Looks like a pansy to me. 

      When I was in grade school I attended church every sunday with my family. We donated to a girl my age in Kenya through the church, as she was in the program for the needy. We were pen pals, her and I, and I even made us friendship bracelets. Her name is McKenna. About 2010 we got a letter from the origination through the church stating they no longer will support McKenna or her family and thanked us for our help. They no longer supported them because McKenna had "turned against God by partaking in prostitution". They no longer suported them because poor McKenna had become part of the child-sex slavery. 

This makes me sick.

      Did you know the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) has been active since 1987 in Uganda and South Sadan? Kony 2012 should have been Kony 1990. The LRA has violated various human rights such as murder, abduction, mutilation,  child-sex slavery, and forcing children to participate in hostilities. Why do such things? Because they think it's what God wants them to do.

      Joseph Kony even claims himself that he's God's spokesman and a spirit medium. Ha! More like the root of all evil. I just can't comprehend how somebody could think such cruel, inhumane acts are not only okay - but a religious act. The LRA is nothing but a bunch of stupid scared terrorists who build an army of children to protect themselves (in my words). I can see how they think the soldiers will be raised from child to adult knowing nothing more, but why would one want to torture another in such a way? Only evil itself would do such things.

      I'm sick and tired of the media bash on Jason Russell after his amazing video letting out the word of evil spreading our nation. This is why we can't have nice things America, the media. Did Russell kill thousands of innocent civilians? Is he associated is child-sex slavory? Does he partake in mutilation of others to abide a cult? Didn't think so. Get off your high horse America, it's time to focus on what matters.

      Sure we have our own problems here in America, but nothing like this. If you'd like to be selfish, this can affect you if the LRA grows big enough. Sweeping out people the way Adolf Hitler did. That doesn't sound like such a fun concept.

Let's stick together, and capture this monster.



  1. I completely agree. It shouldn't have been blown up in 2012 it should have 12 years earlier.... It's such a sad and terrible thing...

  2. wow.... not sponsor a child b/c of her beliefs and what she's doing. I could say so much but I won't b/c the more I sit here and read this. the more sadder I get. Why do things like this happen? We as American's definitely need to stick together. We need to reach out to those who doesn't have God in their life. Be mentor's and help others.

    1. You gotta see Machine Gun Preacher. You have to actually, haha.

    2. Look it up on Netflix and watch it.

  3. I read about him and his acts before and that is all insane. (Similar issues are going in some other countries too)
    And I don't think no one thinks about God - while they tell people that it's "God's will", they are actually after money and power. I doubt they even believe in God, religion is an easy fake reason to fool people :(

  4. The way the media backlashed against Jason Russell and the cause was insane.
    " Let's not help these children because this American lost his cool after being under duress from working on this project"
    Insane. And Russell really cared about this project. A LOT! There are no questions about this. I hate when people try to displace their apathy in the form of "Oh I dislike this celebrity/person, sooo, I'm not going to do anything to change this messed up situation because they want to make a positive change about it."

    drives me nuts.