Friday, March 7, 2014

String Art Incident

      Lucille is a fellow Michigan resident and hoop supplier. She runs her own Etsy shop selling custom, collapsible/travel, and pre-made hoops. That's not all she sells though! She also has amazing 3D and UV custom string art. Very creative girl she is.

When did you start making hoops?
I started making hoops about a year ago, I think I bought my first roll of tubing in March actually and I got it for my friends and I purchased it with tax refund money as a present to all of us. I made myself a few hoops and then a hoop a piece for a few different close friends. It turned out I loved making the hoops so much I figured I would invest a bit more money into some tubing and really go about making and selling hoops online and in town because I was getting a lot of requests from friends of friends and so on. I do believe my first official hoop sale on etsy was April 19th 2013 :-) 

Think back to your first time making a hoop, explain the experience. 
The first time I made a hoop was actually kind of comical, I didn't know too much about making hoops other then I wanted to make them and that I wanted them to have push buttons and rivets so they could collapse down. So I found out everything I needed and ordered the tubing and push buttons, and figured I could get rivets and a rivet gun from a local hardware store. So my boyfriend and I went to the store got the tools we needed and then headed home, when we opened up the rivet gun we were surprised that we had no idea how to use it lol! We tried a few different things before deciding we had to watch a youtube video to figure the thing out! Turned out it was super easy to use! After that little stumble things went pretty smooth some bumps in the road and some things I needed to figure out as I went on but in the end I taught myself how to make a quality hoop :-)

Do you prefer custom orders, or creating your own designs?
I love custom orders! I do enjoy playing around and making my own designs but I love when a customer gives me some colors and tapes and lets me flow with that, they always have lovely ideas on color and tape combos that I would never think of I love having more ideas to play with! 

Are you a hooper yourself?
Yes I am a hooper myself I have been hooping for 3 years this April! Hooping is the best thing that has ever happened to me! <3

String art is a very unique yet different art than creating hula hoops. Explain a bit about the string side of you. 
String art actually came before the hoops I was pretty well known for my stuff before adding the hoops to the whole thing. I started the string art thing like 3 or 4 years ago now my friends and I were throwing a party that Michal Menert was magically playing at, and we needed lights and art to make the place look semi-legit. I had seen string art in videos from Cirque Du Womp shows made by Neural Patterns I contacted him on some ideas and info and he was happy to help so I started making some! It started on cardboard and slowly evolved into the giant sculptures I am doing now. Mostly I show my art at local shows and still decorate for local parties and raves around town, still love making string art when I have time :-) 

Madness time!

If you could own any mystical creature, what would you choose and name it?
I think if I could own any mystical creature I would own a Hippogriff! I would love to sore around on one! I would name it Harold the Hippogriff :-)

When you were a child, what was it you wanted to be when you grow up?
I wanted to be a veterinarian, I only know this because of throw back school projects :-P 

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  1. Wow she is an artist indeed, lovely post! xo

  2. What a lovely post! Have a great weekend dear!

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  3. Ciekawy blog. Zapraszam do mnie.
    Męski blog o modzie i lifestyl'u.

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    1. Super blog się!
      i chciałbym. c: Ja skomentował ostatniego postu, niesamowite grafiki!

  4. I love the 3D strings. Very cool!

    1. Aren't they?! I love the UV string, gorgeous pieces.

  5. her style is great! :*

    1. I know, I fell in love with the string art. XD

  6. Wow what an interesting post, really enjoyed reading it!
    She is so creative, and I'm on my way to check her Etsy shop.

    New giveaway on my blog:

    1. Awesome!!
      She's very creative. The string art/hula hoop supplying combo really interested me.
      I hope you find something you fall in love with!!

  7. Ooh already favorited her shop! I want to get my first hoop a little before summer.. it looks like fun! I've never seen string art before and it looks awesome!!

    1. Today's the last day for the 2 for 20 polypro sale on her site, you should go check it out!!! They're usually 20-40 for one.