Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To grow to Heaven you must reach the roots of Hell

      To me this explains today's society. I believe to reach success and happiness you must first defeat the roots of hell. C.G. Jung has amazing quotes. 

      When you need somebody the most they can flip around and really fuck you over. I myself need to learn not to trust people so quickly, or fall in "like" with others. This reminds me of Peter Pan. Yet his shadow just leaves whenever...

      This reminds me of myself daily. Miserably stuck in my boyfriends basement after babysitting for a stranger without being offered any money. Just join the Fake a smile corporation, and everybody thinks you're okay. 


  1. Sometimes a fake smile gets the real thing going. Hope that's the case for you. Outward happiness is exhausting
    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. Faking a smile what i have been doing for ages, acting happy. Since a while I'm happy and when I'm not, you might not even be able to see :) I love all of this quotes! It's good that you're strong enough to stand up for yourself, sometimes i just hope karma will strike :) Love your post!

    1. I've gotten to that point too Melissa. I hate the fact I'm a revenge seeker! Haha. But like the way you put it. c:

  3. I love all of these!! Especially the first one.