Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Pikachu Origami

      While looking for some easy DIY oragami tutorials I came across the ultimate tutorial in one simple picture. Pikachu is a loveable creature for anybody, whether or not you are a huge Pokemon fan. I love the cute kawaii style of this picture.

      Here's how mine came out. 

My Marvel P.J. pants are pretty nifty if I do say so myself. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shady sheep

      It's officially been 2-weeks since surgery. 2 more to go before I can workout again. This is pure bullshit, I need to get better. I need to get in my hoop again, start going to the gym periodically, learn how to walk on my hands. Everybody just says to let my body rest, and eventually I'll get back into the feel of things. It's hard waiting though. 

Once I can exercise again, I'm gonna be all...


      I've become addicted to Animal Crossing - New Leaf. Please tell me I'm not the only one. The creatures are so cute, and being mayor is some damn work. Catching fish and ground bugs pisses me off most, as I fail at doing so the majority of the time. I'm a cheap ass and usually just collect some oranges and random bugs then go to the Re-Tail recycle center to sell them. One evening on my way I decided to stop and say hi to a fellow resident "Baabara" (she's a sheep). Apparently she noticed I had just caught a Long Locust, as my newest goal was to bring Baabara a friggen Long Locust. After I dealt with that wench I decided to say hello to Pebbles, who then requested an orange. Who the hell do these animals think I am? The friggen muffin man? Short one Long Locust and one orange, I proceeded to the Re-Tail shop and sold what I had left. 

Have you been into any games lately?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Finally a hooping video

      I finally have an on body hooping video to share!! It's a mixture of mini hoops and on body hooping. The fact I'm sharing this is a big step, as I'm still going through a lot of self esteem issues after gaining weight from all my health problems. This video didn't have the best person taping it and I smoke too much so my motor skills are off according to studies. Yeah, I seriously just used that excuse. I do smoke way too much, but you probably drink just as much, right? Anyways, enjoy the damn video.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink

      I took a which Mean Girls character are you quiz on Facebook. Turns out I'm Regina George. What the fuck? All I can say is bitches better watch out. Might end up in my burn book blog. 

      At Kroger last week with my friend Hope the self-checkout didn't thank us for shopping at Kroger. This was unsatisfactory. As we were on our way out I confronted a worker saying the machine didn't thank us for shopping at their store. He looked shocked, threw a few "uh" and "whaaaa" at me and thanked us for shopping at Kroger. 

Oh my God I am Regina George. 

      I've finally been fed up enough to end things with my boyfriend of over a year. He spends more time playing video games than acknowledging my existence or even sleeping. My plans were to move back in with my step-brother but settle down this time. Really organize my room and make it feel like home. Enjoy the freedom and get myself together. I have a lot I need to get together. However my brother says he enjoys living alone, and I'd rather not be a bother. Even if that risks a huge factor in my life. It does hold me back a hell of a lot.. 


Saturday, April 26, 2014

My magic wand came in the mail today

      Two more weeks until I can hula hoop again. Until then, my faja was kind enough to get me a flow wand. It's basically a magic wand. Okay fine, it's a levitating flow stick. Another amazing art to work at. Today I got my wand in the mail and I can't wait to get practicing!

      Yesterday my boyfriend's dad made fun of me for investing in such a toy. Claiming he could easily make one himself and it's a waste of money, I knew he'd never let me hear the end of it. I wasn't going to let him kill my buzz trying to learn the art - so I challenged him to make one with me. 

      Many DIY levitation wands are made with wood. They drill a hole and fill one side with a metal piece before finding the balancing point to loop your string. We decided to use the top of a pool stick, since it's not all the same weight we could skip the drilling and filling. 

We failed.

      Using our ghetto mind powers, we drilled a screw to the end and tried again. What we forgot to do was relocate the balance point and loop the string through that center point. 

So yet again, we failed.

      After coming to realize this - we fixed it and took it for a spin yet again. To no surprise, we failed. Not horribly though! Our work isn't completely disappointing. Definitely no professional flow toy. Meaning he failed. Mowahahaha. I can now peacefully learn the art of the flow wand.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Retro-inspired Windsor Collection

      I'm not one to fall in love with Jewelry, especially diamonds. Unless of course it's from Tiffany's (JK - kinda). If you're a usual reader of mine you know my love for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's and Audrey Hepburn. You probably think I'm crazy. A 21-year-old girl doesn't like jewelry, and no diamonds?! This is for the reason of inhuman jewelry sourcing. I'm not going to let innocent lives go to risk in third world countries just to get my hands on some precious piece of stone.

      Recently I spoke with a worker at Brilliant Earth, a fine jewelry company. Before jumping to conclusions and assuming they partake in the dirty industry I did my own research. Turns out their company vision is dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing. However - diamonds aren't the only fine jewelry of theirs that come from a clean safe source. 

 "To reduce the demand for additional dirty gold mining, we only use recycled gold and platinum. These precious metals come from secondary sources and are re-refined to ensure that they are identical in quality to newly mined metals."

This is my kind of Jewelry supplier. 

      Today is launch day for their Retro-inspired Windsor Collection! The Windsor Collection features engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry that focus on the glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age and the optimism of the post-war years. My personal favorite of times. Isn't that when Audrey Hepburn wore her fine jewelry? Now I'm even more interested. 

      Part of the new Windsor Collection includes, of course, diamonds. I think the Polaris diamond ring is my favorite of the bunch. The way it flows together with the one center piece is gorgeous! The Iris and Jasmine rings are both lovely as well. I do fall quite fond of the Iris matching set, and the simplicity of the Jasmine ring. 

      This simple retro set is by far my favorite of the entire collection. It reminds me of the vintage look and is simple with lots to show! I'm not fussy when it comes to picking jewelry, so anything simple will do really. The way this is structured is flawless. In fact, if it were any different I'd probably think it's too much. It reminds me of the simplicity yet beauty of Marilyn Monroe's engagement ring from her lover Joe DiMaggio. 

      Of course you must include a set with the launch! These jasmine earrings and pendant go lovely together. It reminds me of a leaf with a beautiful raindrop shimmering off. You can see similarities in design with Audrey Hepburn's bordered earrings (left), and Ava Gardner's raindrop look (right). It's times like these I regret stretching my earlobes, haha. The pendant I could go for however! It has a very unique look that could go with a variety of outfits. I'd love to wear it to my sisters upcoming wedding. It would also be a beautiful bridal gift. 
What's your favorite piece from Brilliant Earth's new launch?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My second struggle with weight

      Recently I had to deal with ovarian health issues, and also happen to be put on medication (abilify) around the same time the issues were discovered. Both are a huge contributor to weight gain, and here I am 50 pounds later. Every day I wake up disgusted with myself. Let's rewind a bit. Once upon a time (2011) I weighed 230 pounds. I found love within hula hoop dancing. Two years later I dropped down to 120 pounds and was becoming a muscular beast. The end.
      Why did all of this have to happen to me? I don't deserve this bullshit. I'm at 180 pounds at the moment, and can't afford to gain another pound or I'll lose myself mentally. Since the surgery for the health issues I can't hula hoop or lift anything over 10lbs for a month! How in the hell is one supposed to get fit?! This is a living nightmare. I was where I wanted to be with my weight, I was happy with myself. I lost that. That's something horrible to lose.

      When I vent about this particular subject I get the same responses each time. I hate each one in a different way. The most I get is what people say when they either think they're smart or have no idea what to say.
You've done it once, do it again. 
Yeah. Kinda what I'm going to have to do. We have a captain obvious over here! Remind me again why I should have to?

      Many (and I mean many) of my girl friends are shredding weight rapidly. This brings me to response number two. When weight loss advice is given to me.
You know, the secret actually is...
Bitch, please. The secret is to shut the fuck up and do what works for you. I worked at Victoria's Secret, I think I'd know. The last thing I need is some wench who hasn't worked off nearly half the weight I have, shown half the progress I have, or been through half the hell I have to try telling me how to lose weight. I know exactly what I need to do, and one of those things is avoid listening to you.

      On the contrary, some come to me sharing stories about health issues that affected their weight. Whether or not it's a similar issue, this is the only acceptable response (when it comes to "helping") I've come to find. It's interesting learning about different illnesses and how it's affected a friends struggle with weight. I'm by no means saying I enjoy the fact another human is sick. In fact I usually get a twisted stomach when these types of responds come out to play. I feel guilt, because I'm already on guard for all the other expected responses.

      There is one exception. My step-brother's friend. She was my size now all winter, while I was healthy and in shape. We share very similar health problems that cause us to have weight struggles. The last time I saw her she had lost a lot of weight, so I mentioned she looked good. She's too vain to end it with a smile and a thank you. Instead she pulls up her shirt stating "I know, right?! I lost blah blah pounds since blah blah blah and blah blah blah". I learned that day no matter what size she is she'll never look good. She used the condo's I stayed at all summer to bring random guys to sleep with in our living room, has horribly rotting teeth, and is an extremely rude and selfish person. She will never have enough respect from me to look "good". To look good, you have to be both fit and have the right attitude. Not be a piece of trash who treats others like trash. Anyways, she has a list of foods that aren't good to eat with our condition. Her sister does at least. I asked for a copy, she continued to talk about herself. Don't know if I'm going to get that copy or what...

I had to vent this out. It's been eating away at me (I wish literally).
Basically, you don't tell the girl who lost over 100 pounds successfully what to do to lose weight.
You lost weight? Great for you
No need to flaunt it to the point you think you can help the whole world lose a good 50lbs. 
Even I wasn't that stupid or naive.   

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sister Mary Eunice

      After devouring the first season of American Horror Story (and falling in love with Tait Langdon), I had to get myself into the second season. Not going to lie, I'm not one to get into television. However this show is amazing. It's morbid, twisted, and gets in your head in all the right places. This season one of my favorite characters is by far Sister Mary Eunice. 

      From sweet innocent nun to chaotic devil - is it bad I like the second half of her more? At first I wasn't too fond of her. Her sweet appearance and pouts about every little thing. It even pissed me off when she'd disregard knocking before entering her fellow sisters office. That all changed when a fellow patient came with a possesion to die for. Changing the life of not only Miss.Eunice, but many around her. 

      My favorite scene is by far the "You don't own me" with her little red dress. It's perfect, and I even got chills. Maybe I smoke too much...I couldn't find the scene on YouTube but I did find a nice tribute short and close enough. Hope you enjoy, and get a chance to watch the series for yourself. It's by far worthwhile. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Visiting BFE

      There's nothing like taking a visit to the place you grew up. For me, that's my mom's house in BFE (Butt Fucking Egypt). Pros of living in BFE include privacy and a huge yard (over 10 acres). Cons of living in BFE include the lack of civilization and the creepy nights. Regardless, I'll always love visiting.

      No, I don't have a book of stories swimming in the pond summer after summer. The only time I recall swimming was when my friend from England lived here for a year and she suckered me into it. If you're a regular reader of mine, you know I'm horrified of fish. The deck used to be a normal deck, not sunk into the pond. We'd walk out and feed the fish bread and had our paddle boat tied to the end. 

      When I was seven a pup named Oliver was brought into my life. He's in the package of going to my mom's. You can ask him for stories about swimming in the pond, he has plenty. This yard is his life. Chasing him down summer to winter and putting him back on his chain - he now finally has senior rights and can be trusted without a chain. Haha. 

      I didn't get any good pictures of the front yard, but one day I'll post the entire area around my mom's house. It is a beautiful place.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend

      Last Friday I spent in the hospital. I had some ovarian problems and went into surgery. I'm okay now, just a bit sore. Spent the next few days at my moms with my kitty Gypsy and pup Oliver, and also got to paint eggs with my sister.

      My dad snapped this sexy picture of me in my hospital gown. Had to drink pop before being discharged to prove I could hold the carbonation down. The red bracelet is for my allergy to morphine. I know, I'm so lucky.

      This is the cute face I got to come home to. My baby Gypsy. She occasionally poses for me. I love the hair in her wittle ears.

      Our painted eggs turned out pretty swell. I decided to take a rubber band and swirl it around some of them to create a stripe effect. I'm sure I saw it somewhere, not sure where though. I like the one on the far left the best. The blue and purple look pretty together.

How was your Easter weekend? 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Time of the season

      It's that time of the season. You know, the time just before spring has sprung that we all have this love/hate relationship with. While mother nature's mood swings aren't my favorite, I have many favorite things during this time of the season.

Shamrock Shake
      How can one not fall in love with such a thick Irish like beverage from a cheap fast-food restaurant? I'm actually drinking one as I write. Hehe. The mint color is also in season - haha. 

The smell of spring
      Each season has their own smell, and I love each and every one of them. The smell of fresh spring is by far one of my favorites. Un-explainable yet beautiful. 

      My dog hates them, but I love them. Thunderstorms are the perfect nap time. Especially when the power goes out. However, waking up to a power outage is never fun. 

      I may not be twelve anymore, but I do get excited over a good ol' rainbow. Who doesn't? April is the month of rainbow's basically (at least in Michigan). I have yet to find a pot of gold. 

Yard Sales
      With all the spring cleaning, everybody's going out with the old and in with the new. You know what they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". You never know what you can find at a yard sale!!

What do you love about this time of the season?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Laney Lady

Meet Laney

      Laney and I have been great blogger buddies, and turned into great penpals. I live in Michigan, and she lives in Georgia. Hopefully some summer I'll be able to go visit though. With family down in Kentucky, I'm hoping maybe I can convince my dad to let us visit after we see them one summer. Hehe.

      Her favorite color is hot pink, and she loves owls. You can find her night owl venting or simply blogging for fun. She's a sweet girl and definitely worth getting to know!! Occasionally you'll catch my guest posts on her blog, as I'm an assistant admin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring up

      Spring is all about out with the old and in with the new. Plan a yard sale to get rid of all those old pieces you no longer want or need and bring in new ones! Here's a list of some cute home decor you may want to add to your collection.

      The shapes, scrabble tyles, and colors of this clock make an overall happy appearance. Everytime you struggle to read the time, you catch a glimpse of happiness and get back on track. 

      If this is a contest, I'm going to win. Humpty dumpty is sitting on my wall and isn't going to fall. These bookends are adorable - but sadly out of my price range considering they're vintage. 

      What in the hell is for breakfast today? 

        What's a better embroidery to display in your living area than this poop emoticon? You tell me. I think it's perfect.  

      This reminds me of Jaws. Jaws never scared me. I live in Michigan. Whatcha gonna do sharky? Get me at the zoo?! Ha. 

      There's something so comforthing about anchors to me. Which is strange, considering I hate the sea life and fish. I guess the symbol of  "being stuck in one safe place, and that's all that matters" could be why. 

      If I had my own place, I'd seriously invest in this. It's friggen adorable, and so happy. I love it!! The colors are very 'me'. It's perfect. 

      Round coffee tables with lots of under space always did it for me. Very different and convenient. I also enjoy the bright color. 

What's on your list of home decor this spring?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The favorite color swap

      I've taken part in yet another swap! This one being hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps. It's based on ones favorite color. With a price limit set, you partner up with a fellow blogger and get each other goodies to mail based on their favorite color. So simple, I love it!! Sign-ups end Monday the 21st, so be sure to sign-up when you can!! 

      Last time I participated in Chaotic Goddess Swaps I was partnered with Angie from My So Called Chaos for the book swap. I got three wonderful books you can read about in my previous posts. 

      Can't wait to not only receive my pastel purple goodies, but purchase my partners too! That's actually my favorite part. ^_^ 

Do you participate in any blogger swaps? 

Rainy days



      Rainy days are the best for me. I love dressing up and splashing in the puddles!! Here's some gear to get you going if you're similar to me, or even if you're not and just happen to be out on the town on a rainy day. My favorites are the boot warmers and the first umbrella. The Jake umbrella also has my heart though!!

Has it been rainy near you?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Holly Golightly cosplay sleep mask

      I'm proud to have finished my newest  soon to be Etsy addition. A Holly Golightly cosplay sleep mask. I'm fond of Holly's attire in her sleep scene. I plan to make replica ear tassles also.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

10% off String Art Incident

      My newest sponsor Lucille has given me the coupon code MICAELASPONSER for my fellow readers to use for 10% off anything in her shop! 

From string art to her amazing hoops (see review here). By taking advantage, you actually help me build up store credit as well. So if you're thinking about hooping, now's the time to start!!

You can find her on Etsy here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Disney Princesses and independence

      I've heard plenty of controversy over Disney's princesses need for a man in their life and how it's wrong. A woman should have her independence and we should be teaching our children they don't need men. After putting some thought into this, I realized each princess does have her own independence.

Snow White
      Before biting a poison apple only a true love's kiss could cure, she was doing just fine. Taking care of seven dwarfs on her own and making friend with animals of the forest. No need for any man, and happier than ever. She even had fun baking them the dwarfs their own special pies with their names on them and cleaning before they arrived home. Typical house wife? Maybe. Keep in mind this was the 1930's. 

      Cinderella was a poor girl who had lost her father at a young age, and was stuck with an evil step mother. That didn't keep her spirits down. She had made friends with the pets, and even the mice! She enjoyed herself and her cleaning as it was an everyday thing. The birds came to wake her and she'd meet new mice friends as they got trapped. It was only until she had the privilege to attend a fancy ball and fell in love that she was able to escape the bitch of a step-mom's house and coincidentally happen to become a princess.

      Ariel didn't need a man, she wanted legs. The man just happen to come along with the package. Thanks to the creature of the black lagoon who took her damn voice and made the deal to go find love in order to keep her legs. Therefore it wasn't really her fault she was dependent on Eric. She just luckily found him dreamy as well. 

      Jasmine damn well didn't want a man, and didn't need one. She ran away from the palace and found Aladdin along with love. In fact, she protested the fact of getting married before her next birthday. She was probably the most independent princess of them all. Very fierce attitude, I love her!!

      Belle comes in second place when it comes to most independent princess, aside Jasmine. She was hung up in her books and could care less about the "hunk" Gaston or anybody else who crossed her way. Of course, she was still a beautiful kind young lady. It wasn't until she was trapped into a dungeon with a huge mess of a spell that she found love...with a beast. Such a kind hearted girl.  

These are just a few examples. 
Who's your favorite Disney princess?