Saturday, April 26, 2014

My magic wand came in the mail today

      Two more weeks until I can hula hoop again. Until then, my faja was kind enough to get me a flow wand. It's basically a magic wand. Okay fine, it's a levitating flow stick. Another amazing art to work at. Today I got my wand in the mail and I can't wait to get practicing!

      Yesterday my boyfriend's dad made fun of me for investing in such a toy. Claiming he could easily make one himself and it's a waste of money, I knew he'd never let me hear the end of it. I wasn't going to let him kill my buzz trying to learn the art - so I challenged him to make one with me. 

      Many DIY levitation wands are made with wood. They drill a hole and fill one side with a metal piece before finding the balancing point to loop your string. We decided to use the top of a pool stick, since it's not all the same weight we could skip the drilling and filling. 

We failed.

      Using our ghetto mind powers, we drilled a screw to the end and tried again. What we forgot to do was relocate the balance point and loop the string through that center point. 

So yet again, we failed.

      After coming to realize this - we fixed it and took it for a spin yet again. To no surprise, we failed. Not horribly though! Our work isn't completely disappointing. Definitely no professional flow toy. Meaning he failed. Mowahahaha. I can now peacefully learn the art of the flow wand.  


  1. I'd love to hear how you feel about wand vs hoop. I love hula hooping. Got really addicted a couple of summers ago, then I sadly got distracted. </3

    1. The wand looks so much easier than it actually is. You should get back into hooping!!

  2. I wanna see. and got to hate a man who thinks he can do everything and then bam...FAIL.

  3. I think it looks awesome...forget him!! So hate when someone picks on another because they don't get it. Do what you want, but I kinda like that he failed, LOL!! Men liked to run their mouths but don't put a lot in just enjoy it doll, looks so cool :)) xx

  4. I like how you took his words and challenged him! Crow pie is most delicious, when you help someone bake it for themselves!