Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Make a move

      This weekend was Detroits 2014 Movement. Or DEMF, techfest, whatever you prefer to call it. Line up of DJ's, tons of electronic music, tons of people, and loads of fun. A friend of mine I haven't seen in 5-years and her buddy decided we'd go and bust in. They dressed slutty so we figured they could just work their stuff and get us in. I did better with my negotiating skills. We failed getting in, as its now $50 (used to be free). Looked lame from the gates anyways.

      They were scared walking around Detroit. So if anybody whistled I'd just state they were mine and I was their pump. This failed when I was wanted as well. 

      We hit up a horrible club after. The entire time I was texting my new guy friend who eventually came and saved me. His best friend has a beautiful girlfriend who I took selfies and talked about nonsense with in the bathroom away from the boys for an hour or so.


Everybody besides myself and my homeboy were drunk (I only smoke). The most hilarious site was watching homeboys best friend cry (and I mean balling) at the end of his bed questioning where he went wrong - while his girlfriend and her best friend make out taking up the rest of his bed. I wouldn't change the past few days for the world. Ahaha.