Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New pup on the block

      Recently my friend's boss got himself a new pup. This cutie is a mix between German Shepard and Husky. So adorable!! Apparently they've just been calling him "dog" as he has no name. 

      The first half hour of my visit consisted of taking a picture of the owner (Scott) and his new baby. For his Facebook profile picture of course.  I suggested he name the dog Scout, so it'd be Scott and Scout. Has a ring to it. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

'Merica at its best

      The other day returning to my buddy's apartments, I saw a bunch of change on the parking lot ground. I was all "Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!" and proceeded to collect the 7-cents on the ground. However, I had some troubles. This being in result of the pennies being glued to the pavement. In a circle. Somebody glued mother fucking 7-cents in a circle on the ground. 

      You bet your ass I melted the glue down and pried those fuckers up. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The latest on hooping

      A buddy of mine put up quite the struggle to hula hoop. After a couple of days he finally gave in!! Even if he mainly jump roped with it. Everybody who's stepped foot in this condo (while I'm here) has hooped at least once. 

      What's your favorite sport?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My own personal dance studio

      This week was chop full of labor. Which resulted in my own personal dance studio (as seen above)!! Well, at least until my brother gets new furniture. 

     To make a long story short - I came home to my brothers condo after 4-months to a flea infested place. So my buddy, brother, and I tore out the carpeting. That wasn't the even close to a pain in the ass as getting staples out of the floor. How many staples does a brotha need to carpet this living room? Apparently 36895426896327

The hardwood under the carpeting isn't even half bad!! Just have to mop it up and clean a few stains. We took out the furniture to the curb today. Feels amazing getting it all done with. Even if we're still not completely done, the labor is out of the way. 

      We ended our day with a traditional game of Monopoly. My brother and I play quite a lot. Probably addicts. 

      My brother wanted a bubble bath after the long day. The only bubble bath I own is in my Hello Kitty kit. Of course, I hooked a brotha up with not only the bubble bath, but my Hello Kitty bath bomb and scrubber. How cute

      How was your week?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Michigan Wire Wrappers

      Wire wrapping is a beautiful art that takes patience and talent. My buddy is starting to get into the art himself. I was blown away by the artwork I saw via @michiganwirewrappers on Instagram. Each picture includes the artists Instagram. Be sure to follow to check out more!!

      This particular design reminds me of the seashell necklace Ursula wore with Aerials voice captured inside (The Little Mermaid). 

      These rings have my heart!! I'd live to get one with amethyst or turquoise. Amethyst because it symbolizes good rest and sobriety, along with being my birth stone. Turquoise because it symbolizes good communication and clearity of thought. Plus I love the color..hehe.

      This bad boy had me at the colors. The shape reminds me of the seashell my mom had in our bathroom growing up. She'd always have me listen to the ocean (I tried listening for mermaids).

      The variety of shapes and stones one could use to create a wrapped key is limitless. Keys are classy and stand out in the right ways. 

      Have you tried wire wrapping yourself? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

China nails

      I tried out Maybelline nail tattoos, and they work perfectly! My index finger has gorgeous cherry blossoms, middle has lucky cat, more floral for the ring finger, and a cute little take out box on my pinkie. Though I wish I put lucky cat on upside down, so when I flip off assholes in road rage they get a lucky cat in their face. Hehe.

      My favorite is the thumbnail. In which I used the dragon nail art. For you nail junkies out there, you can find these for a dollar at Dollar Tree. I used a clear top coat before and after applying the decals.  They came out pretty well, I highly suggest the brand! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Carnival with a side of whiskey

      Sunday I hit up a local carnival with a friend and his niece and nephew. As soon as I saw Rosco the clown making balloon animals and heard all his puns, you betcha I hopped in line with the munchkins. Every time I run into Rosco I request "something amazing",in which I always get a flower hat. To be honest I love the balloon turtles. Excuse the cat face in the above photo, as it wasn't too pretty of a picture. Hehe.

      After the carnival my buddy and I hit up a bar nearby. Gained a few pointers from a professional pool player. Being a pool shark happens to be on my bucket list. Previously won a cigarette versing a guy back in '10

      How was your weekend?

Saturday, September 13, 2014


      Selfies have become a huge topic for our generation. Personally I find it a great way to learn photography and editing skills. As you can see above a selfie of myself. Can't go wrong with black and white, right? 


Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday vibe

      After being in the hospital for a week, I think I could use some of that good ole' Friday vibe. Personally I find Sundays the worst of them all, Monday's a fresh start. Regardless of whether you're employed or not, the days of the week give off their energies. TFGIF

      Trrtlz bracelets now have elephants and owls!! If you're not familiar with Trrtlz bracelets, each color represents something. Green is balance, which is what I need in life. Simply balance. I've been wearing it along with my yellow turtles, representing freedom. Trrtlz also donates a portion of proceeds towards helping the animal you chose. Pretty nifty, ehh? You can find them at any 711.