Thursday, September 25, 2014

My own personal dance studio

      This week was chop full of labor. Which resulted in my own personal dance studio (as seen above)!! Well, at least until my brother gets new furniture. 

     To make a long story short - I came home to my brothers condo after 4-months to a flea infested place. So my buddy, brother, and I tore out the carpeting. That wasn't the even close to a pain in the ass as getting staples out of the floor. How many staples does a brotha need to carpet this living room? Apparently 36895426896327

The hardwood under the carpeting isn't even half bad!! Just have to mop it up and clean a few stains. We took out the furniture to the curb today. Feels amazing getting it all done with. Even if we're still not completely done, the labor is out of the way. 

      We ended our day with a traditional game of Monopoly. My brother and I play quite a lot. Probably addicts. 

      My brother wanted a bubble bath after the long day. The only bubble bath I own is in my Hello Kitty kit. Of course, I hooked a brotha up with not only the bubble bath, but my Hello Kitty bath bomb and scrubber. How cute

      How was your week?