Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New pup on the block

      Recently my friend's boss got himself a new pup. This cutie is a mix between German Shepard and Husky. So adorable!! Apparently they've just been calling him "dog" as he has no name. 

      The first half hour of my visit consisted of taking a picture of the owner (Scott) and his new baby. For his Facebook profile picture of course.  I suggested he name the dog Scout, so it'd be Scott and Scout. Has a ring to it. 


  1. Scout is a cute name. He/She reminds me of my dog Sasha!

  2. I had a husky/shepherd mix when I was a kid. Looked very similar, but he also had one blue eye. His name was Scott :)

  3. Right?!
    He still has no name. Just calls him Scout when I'm around. XD