Friday, October 31, 2014

Meet Molly

      I got a text from the boyfriend saying he traded one of his reticulated pythons for a water monitor. Assuming it was for his aquarium, I found it rather silly of a trade. My next visit to his house I learned its in fact not an inanimate object, but an adorable living creature. 

      Molly is an Asian water monitor. Still a baby though, as she can grow anywhere from 5-9 feet. A common example of the monitor family is the Komodo dragon (which is illegal to own for obvious reasons). First meeting her I'll admit I was rather skiddish. No help from the boyfriend who tends to say the worst case scenario shortly before presenting any of his animals. After seeing her crane like neck peek up to look around I couldn't help but fall in love. 

      She likes to crawl around all over your body when holding her. I find it most comforting when she glides up my arm and sits around the back of my neck. The long blue split tongue isn't used to taste but actually smell. Tickles when she "licks" you. Her surprisingly tame attitude definitely helps the comfort factor. However, she could bite my finger off if she desired. You just have to know what alarms her (and avoid doing so), and let her know if she does what you want she gets freedom. She earned quite a lot as you can see her lounging on the bed with us. 

      My love seen above (Galactor the sulcata tortoise) had to get a selfie. We have our game faces on. He's such a cutie! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Comics and paint jobs

      The other day driving down Gratiot I spotted this nifty Hulk paint job. Makes me miss auto body. Never got the chance to learn all about painting before I had to quit. Lately I've been confused as to what it is I want to do with my life. Circus arts, auto body, sculpting, phlebotomy, writing...can't I just master them all and make serious bank?! 

      Something on my bucket list I have yet to cross off is collecting old comics to read. Superheroes and villains have definitely caught my attention. More so villains, hehe. I've been asking the question Superman or Batman to pretty much everybody. The explanations I've gotten as to why the preference is quite interesting. 

      Who do you favor over the two, Superman or Batman?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tortoise time

      After falling in love with my boyfriend's full grown tortoise, I couldn't resist the babies! Sundays I tend to join him while he works alone at a local reptile shop. 

      This guy may be little now, but he will grow to about 24-36 inches long and weigh 100-200 lbs. his particular breed (sulcata tortoise) grow very quickly, reaching 6-10 inches within the first few years of their lives. His diet includes greens, greens, and more greens. As you can see around his mouth (he's a messy little eater).

      Have you ever owned a non-mammal pet?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tarantulas, pythons, and boyfriends

      I've been talking to this cute boy for a minute, and now we're dating. Typically how the whole dating thing goes. We're both rather indifferent people, which makes us such a good match. Something I'm not too used to is his choice of pets. Besides the husky/lab mix, there's a tortoise, three pythons, and a tarantula. 

      Holding a python with the mindset to eat me wasn't as half bad as I thought. There's something quite comforting about the feeling of it swirling and slithering around your body. 

      I have yet to pet the tarantula. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween costumes that can't fail

      Halloween is just around the corner! Have you planned out a costume yet? I've put together a few clever yet silly costume ideas for this year. Including this amazing impersonation of the "Guess Who" characters. 

      Perfect for any couple, Waldo and Wendy!

      Pot brownie. 'Nuff said. 

      I love this 80's photo shoot costume.

      For those expecting, prego!!

      What are your Halloween plans?

Thursday, October 9, 2014


      From now until Halloween, you can get 15% off your entire purchase at String Art Incident on Etsy. Simply use coupon code HALLOWEEN and you're set. 

      String Art Incident has more than hoops. Beautiful psychedelic art too. Be sure to take a browse!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rock bottom

      After a stressful night, I enjoyed the rest with my friends mom. She's a baller. It's funny how age doesn't seem to matter after you hit 21. 

      Got a cute face and outfit on, took some pictures and this selfie I'm quite find of. Never enjoyed red lipstick on myself but this shade clicks.

      Of course I had to get some stress off by doing my favorite thing in the world. Hula hooping! 

       How's your week going?

Monday, October 6, 2014

My brother has two birthdays

      He was born at home October 4th. The perimetics didn't show up until the 5th. Therefore his birth certificate claims the 5th though it's actually the 4th. Lucky bastard. 

      On the 5th our parents took us along with our buddy Jesse for Dinner at Mongolian BBQ. They didn't cook my tofu long enough. On the contrary, the Mongolian ginger sauce was good on vegetarian like the workers said. 

      I learned I was a master ski-ball playa this trip to Dave & Busters. Even got compliments from elders, ahaha. Since I was in middle school I was boss at basket ball, so I played the basket ball game. Asked the dude playing the same game next to me if he wanted to verse. I beat him. Afterwards proceeded to the huge crane game, which I managed to somehow break unintentionally...shhh.

      My mom and step-dad played Mario Kart. 'Twas adorable. I had to explain the mom through the items and how to use them as she played. First game she got 3rd, not bad!

      Prizes are always the best part. Gather up your tickets and go shopping! I had enough for a pixie stick and an LED mouth piece. My brotha had much more in the bank, but decided to keep it for next time. Almost decided on a very manly mustache (see above). Jesse got a hackey sack. Buttface refuses to play with me until I improve my skills...pffff. He won a nice watch in the jewelry crane game. Honestly the first person I know who has won that thing!  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cartel Ink

      I know, it's a pretty amazing tank. Silence of the Lambs has always been in my top favorite flicks. If you need to put on some lotion, you'll find me quoting the line "it rubs the lotion in the skin".       
      Backtracking, came across a nifty little shop called rebel circus via Facebook. They have the cutest to creepiest finds!! This particular tank was made by the brand Cartel Ink

      What's in your closet?