Friday, November 21, 2014

Pup sitting

      I'm babysitting my boyfriends pup Mari for the next two weeks. It's pronounced like Mario without the "ohh" at the end. My cat (Gypsy) isn't as thrilled. Though they did lay down together the first night (which is rare for Gypsy). I don't have a fenced in yard, but due to Mari's abandonment issues from her last owners running away isn't that big of a problem. It's adorable watching her outside in the snow, she loves it. 

      Yesterday was day one. Later that night while in the living room, my boyfriend and I heard a loud fart..I look over and see this dog pouring out shit onto my kitchen floor. Literally poured out. Maybe she double thought that cat food as a snack. On a side note - I'm gonna miss Molly until she's moved into her new home. Too bad I couldn't have watched her instead. Haha, no I love Mari too. 

      What's a ridiculous memory you have with a pet?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Kitty muffins

      Throughout my years of loving Hello Kitty, I've collected various gifts of her theme. Including the Hello Kitty toaster seen. One of my favorites I busted out today, my HK muffin maker. 

      As the muffins rise while cooking, an imprint of Hello Kitty forms on the top. Includes two big and two small muffin sizes. 

      Her bow lights up each time you open or close the top, made to be a timer I believe. 

      The finished project! Adorable muffins to munch on. 

      I used a simple bagged muffin mix, blueberry to be exact. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tackling the tasks

      Procrastination gets the best of us all. When the days start to blend together, the mental and physical mess just grows. Here's a few methods of getting shit done. 

      Stick to a schedule
When the days begin to blend together, you're probably lacking a schedule. No this doesn't necessarily mean planning out your day hour by hour. Simply using a notepad to list the tasks you need to tackle in the day and crossing them off throughout will help keep a clear mind and organized attitude. 

      Give yourself a time limit
Schedules usually fail when cram packed with a timely "every 30-minutes" plan. Once you make the list, give yourself a time you'd like to be done by. Say you'd like to tackle everything by 5pm, stretch out each task according to doing so. 

Stretching is an incredible factor for physical health. See my post on stretching for further info. Having time set aside during the day to do a 15-minute stretch or yoga session will keep a clear anxiety free mind. 

Especially when it comes to tasks such as cleaning or unpacking, music is motivation. Set up a playlist or set your music to shuffle before cleaning up or unpacking a room. Your adrenalin will rush as well as increased positive mood. 

      Break it down
Nobody wants to be overloaded. Be sure to take big tasks and break them down into smaller ones. Reducing stress and time. 

      Invest in a planner
Having a planner to keep all the appointments or little Sally's ballet classes in is a huge organizing factor. My mother has always used one and is by far the most organized person I know. 

      Small business owners be sure to check out for more help. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lizard +

      I got this Sobe cap that said "you're a Lizard, plus". I then asked various people how they'd describe a lizard, using the analogy of snakes vs doves. Collected some interesting yet positive answers. Whelp, I'm a Lizard plus.

      I never thought I'd have an attachment to something non-mammal. This girl is adorable from her crane neck to her vibrant (long) tail. She's such a sweetheart too. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mini me

      Gotta love selfies! I enjoy this one in particular because it's a profile view. When drawing humans I find the profile view easiest. In reality it's prettiest angle. I'm so happy my red hair grew back!! I'm going full pocahauntus hair (length not color) from here.

      I babysit for my girl Tasha and her two room-mate's children. I was used to four kids, but this time I heard I was watching five (along with her passed out drunk mother). Immediately walking into the kids room I had a 'nam flashback. This little red headed girl with blue eyes sat on the bed watching T.V. She's such a well behaved youngin' and my mini me!!

      My Hello Kitty lighter's sticker was starting to peel. Curious of what color was underneath I decided to peel it off a bit - and found this. A psychedelic marijuana style. SCORE! 

      How'd your week start off?

Friday, November 7, 2014


      Here's my first shot of my new place. A picture of my cat..I'll be posting more after I'm finished with the entire unpacking process. I have too much Audrey Hepburn wall decor. Each have their own style though. My favorite is the one shown above Gypzilla. It's color edited and such, but still beautiful. 

      I also have far too much Hello Kitty..everything. At least enough - my God..not too much. Hehe..let's just say your toast will have hello kitty imprinted on it ,if you ever visit and want toast for some reason. 

      This meme gets me every time

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Paranormal activity in a photograph

      A buddy of mind posted this picture on Facebook with the caption freaking out about something in the dark corner. I find it humorous because he doesn't even believe in paranormal activity. Knowing me, I edited the pictures exposure, and here's what I got in result...

      Can you now see the girl? Her head is tilted to the right, glowing white eyes, wearing a dress with a rope or ribbon around her waist. Holy shit I love these moments in life. However, the evil can stay far from me!! Haha. 

      While in the hospital (psych ward) a man claimed to have tons of photos proving his "nonsense" stories. He was diagnosed with psychosis in result. A few days go by, and his sons bring him a package full of pictures. Each had crazy activity in the background. Best part? The pictures were from a disposal camera, so editing them on a computer isn't an option. The doctor probably didn't even know what to think. 

      Have you experienced paranormal activity in a photograph?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kidnapped for a day

      We all need an escape sometimes. My buddies happen to be in the area when I needed a ride home. Considering I was in leggings, a tank top, and a light hoodie (see below) I wasn't going to walk a mile in a half in 30 degree windy weather. 

  Top: Hot Topic Bottoms: Target

      Upon their arrival, the question "mind if we kidnap you?" Came up. Of course not. I was already so overwhelmed, I have a lot to do still in little time, and an escape or break was much needed. They even cooked an amazing breakfast. It's nice having good friends when you need them. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween adventures

      This Halloween was spent with my little buddy, my friend Tasha's oldest (4-years-old). He dressed up as a scary skeleton dude, it was too cute!! Taking him to trick or treat was fun regardless of the windy rating weather. At one point he stopped walking and said "This is soooo much fun!". God I love kids. 

      My buddy Tasha had a killer outfit. Fishnets, Batman hoodie, and shorts. 

      I found a killer lighter, hehe. Hello Kitty!! 

      How was your Halloween?