Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mini me

      Gotta love selfies! I enjoy this one in particular because it's a profile view. When drawing humans I find the profile view easiest. In reality it's prettiest angle. I'm so happy my red hair grew back!! I'm going full pocahauntus hair (length not color) from here.

      I babysit for my girl Tasha and her two room-mate's children. I was used to four kids, but this time I heard I was watching five (along with her passed out drunk mother). Immediately walking into the kids room I had a 'nam flashback. This little red headed girl with blue eyes sat on the bed watching T.V. She's such a well behaved youngin' and my mini me!!

      My Hello Kitty lighter's sticker was starting to peel. Curious of what color was underneath I decided to peel it off a bit - and found this. A psychedelic marijuana style. SCORE! 

      How'd your week start off?


  1. You look awesome. Love the color on you. Your natural is beautiful