Friday, November 21, 2014

Pup sitting

      I'm babysitting my boyfriends pup Mari for the next two weeks. It's pronounced like Mario without the "ohh" at the end. My cat (Gypsy) isn't as thrilled. Though they did lay down together the first night (which is rare for Gypsy). I don't have a fenced in yard, but due to Mari's abandonment issues from her last owners running away isn't that big of a problem. It's adorable watching her outside in the snow, she loves it. 

      Yesterday was day one. Later that night while in the living room, my boyfriend and I heard a loud fart..I look over and see this dog pouring out shit onto my kitchen floor. Literally poured out. Maybe she double thought that cat food as a snack. On a side note - I'm gonna miss Molly until she's moved into her new home. Too bad I couldn't have watched her instead. Haha, no I love Mari too. 

      What's a ridiculous memory you have with a pet?

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