Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Color of Wonder Woman

      As soon as I saw these super hero inspired nail polishes I had to grab Wonder Woman (it was the last one too). You can get yourself a polish at Five Below

      The color is a coral red, and really does remind you of Wonder Woman. I only used one coat, but could use a second for an extra pop. As gorgeous as the color is, this polish was a pain the the ass! Drying time varies from 10-15 minutes, adding a second coat adds on time. It also stains pretty bad. I driped some on my hand and it took 2-days to take the stuff off with nail polish remover

      What super hero polish would you want? 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Winterize your nails

      This winter Julep would like to assist us lady's (and you few gents) with "winterizing" our nails. They've set up a template with five color options. I enjoy brights and darks, but couldn't resist Julep's plum purple polish. 

      The plum color is dark with a very subtle purple to it. No need for any clear coat, as the polish already has a shine to it. Another plus is how quickly it dries!

      A few tips on how to keep those nails healthy and looking good through the cold winter season. What's your favorite out of the colors?

Time of the season

      I have a picture of myself and cousin Mathyou (seen above) as kiddos on Christmas. I was wearing a Blue's Clues sweater (even though I hated Blue's Clues). Matt was wearing a nifty toddler button up. 13-years later we sit on Christmas with myself wearing a Grinch sweater, and Matt a button up. 

      Second time the past month I got to see my munchkin Angelika!! I haven't seen her in 2-years before then. Notice the sass expressions we coincidentally have on our faces? Sass runs in the family. 

     My step niece seems to find me rather strange. It's straight, I'm used to it by now. Last time we saw each other was the day I started hula hooping (4th of July, 2011). She's taller than me now, dressed rather sophisticated. Girl got style. 

      Here's the egotistical part of the Christmas post!

      This boy I've been chilling with got me hooked on these Garbage Pail Kids trading stickers. They're each a punny name with an image of the particular character. The back of each is part if a puzzle you can create after collecting he right ones of the collection. 

      How'd the holiday go for yourself, most interesting thing that happened?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hoop progress

      I've successfully accomplished nose hooping! I did two full rotations before going hysterical asking my buddy to grab my phone. To see the video check it here

      The process of nose hooping contains two key points. Balanced core and a steady positioning of the head parallel to the ceiling/sky
      To help keep balance, here's a trick my ballet teacher would use. Pretend you're a doll with a string going directly through the center of your body (head to feets). The string is always being pulled upward, creating a very straight posture. 
      To keep head positioning keep your head parallel to the ceiling/sky or whatever's above you. Do not move your head on an upward angle!! Downward angle will create it to fly off your face. Upward angle will make it glide off your face. 
      Next hold the hoop setting it with the inside of your hula hoop touching the septum part of your nose (where you have open nostrils). Keeping light grasp to level the hoop, make steady turns the way you'd naturally turn your hula hoop to spin. Lightly build speed. Now let go of the hoop and let it flow in the rotation. Keep turning your body!! You should be able to feel the difference between the momentum of your hoop and the speed of your turns. 

      Whether or not you're into giving hula hoop dancing/tricks a try, be sure to at least give my video a look. People seem to either find it bizarre, pretty awesome, talented, whack, or they just don't give a shit about hula hoops. Let me know your input either via YouTube or in the comments!! 

Do you have a YouTube channel with awesome updates on whatever it is you do? Leave the link below so I can take a peek!! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friendship 101

      Simplicity at its best, couldn't have said it better myself Buddha. I've analyzed my friendships with girls and came to the conclusion a handful are just...cunts. In their own way, but mainly by being selfish, disrespectful, and even phony. I shouldn't risk my own happiness for a friend unless they'd do the same in return. 

      This is my homegirl. One of my many friends, but by far my closest. She's selfless and we have a lot of different things in common. Honestly my friendship with her made me realize how messed up some of my other friendships are. We make each other friendship bracelets and she makes beautiful yet comfy infinity scarves. They also smell like Heaven. 

      This would be my homeboy. We met in the hospital and still talk/hangout. This would be one of my few guy friends who isn't an asshole or douche bag in any way. Now that's rare.

      This is my other homeboy, Jesse. You may remember him from previous posts. I also met him in the hospital, and he stayed with my brother and I for a good month. His brothers appreciate the help I've given him and keep in touch with me. Jesse and I check up on each other with a phone call every week or so, but it's only every so often I get to see him. It was one of the highlights of my week. 

      We took a trip to Oakland mall where I haven't been in forever. Homeboys cousin was with us and asked what store to find a decent amount of CD's. Where else other than FYE? He's from Ohio where they don't have this amazing store. While he was in wonderland browsing, I played around with the goodies in the back. Dig the catbug hat? 

     For Christmas Jesse hooked me up with some nifty plugs. I've been without any plugs or tunnels in about a year due to lack of funds. My inch lobes shrunk to a 5/8. I plan to go back to an inch, but for now this size is pretty comfy. 

      If you want a happy healthy social life, don't keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Eliminate the enemies and realize who your true friends are. Once you've done that, never let them slip away. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas mugshot

       When drawing I use human portraits with a profile view, as the shading is easier (to me at least). I love the profile view of somebody, it's unique and shows a variety of features. My particular picture happens to look like a mugshot, but I accept that. 

      It's great that we have so much technology to collect pictures for memories. On the contrary, there's nothing like a disposable camera. Perfect size pictures for albums, usually have at least one "OMG who took that!?" photo in the collection. They're easy to preserve and won't get erased from technical crashes. Keep it classy this holiday, invest in a disposable camera and bring it to a holiday event. You won't regret it. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Miss my Molly

      It's been two days since my ex moved out along with his pup, blood python, and my love..Molly the water monitor. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I never thought I'd get so attached to a reptile. 

      She's such a little derp. That crane neck and blank stare gets me every time.  I've got marks from her since I'd let her climb all over me. All worth it. 

      She grew so much since we first got her!! Eventually she'll reach a good 6-9 feet (yes, feet). I'm gonna miss you Molly. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ginger snaps

      Again I introduce my mini me, Amber. Babysitting is rough when you've got five kids running around. Unless of course you're watching Miss.Amber, in which case she is an angel!! Must be the red hair. 

      My first time watching her and the four other kids, one of the parents assumed she was my child (Amber's mom and dad both have dirty blonde hair)

      My buddy Cory wanted me to tag along when he got his septum pierced a few days ago. Now we're twin gingers with awesome beanies, and a septum piercing. I had mine pierced by a professional at his house when I was 15. Incase you're curious what it feels like to get your septum pierced...think of that sensational pause you get right before you sneeze. Now imagine that times 1357. Stretching it was the biggest pain of all (literally). 

      Gotta love your ginger snaps!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Travel essentials

      Traveling is something we can all say is enjoyable. Packing on the other hand...not so much. Here's a breakdown of the essentials.

      You're going to want to document life, and especially the places you go. Whether it's a Canon Rebel or disposable camera..it's worth the investment. Nothing like pictures to look back on. 

      Anybody can read the time on their phone. So why have a watch? Because it's far more reliable with a lower chance of getting misplaced. Not to mention they're rather classy. 

      Multiple pairs of shoes. At least two. I've always run into some problem when only going with the shoes on my feet. 

      The majority of the time you travel, you'll be using a rental car. Jumper cables are always a handy tool to have on hand. Better safe than sorry. 

      Which brings us to our conclusion, transportation. It's literally your everything when traveling. Unlike your average car rental business, RelayRides allows you to rent out your car to local tourists. While on the other hand, it's a convenient tool to use when renting. Everything's much more personal, especially considering the owner has lived in the place you're exploring for a few good years at least. Be sure to keep RelayRides in mind when on the road, or maybe when you need some extra cash. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My new favorite flow art

      Poi is a flow art using two cords with weights connected. You can create various illusions. In the pictures I'm using poi with LED lights, which creates beautiful trails! 

      I had the privelage of trying out these LED bad boys chilling with my hoop guru Cynthia. It was my first time trying out poi vs the mini hoops and I fell in love. Cynthia's boyfriend makes poi with cord and golf balls. So I got to take home a pair of my own!! However I'd love to get my hands on these LED babies (hear that Santa?). 

      Are you into any flow arts?