Sunday, January 4, 2015

Julep Maven

      I received yet another Julep Maven box. Julep is a nail polish brand with various shades, and quick dry time. 

      The box includes three polishes. This included a shimmery pink color, charcoal, and a gorgeous mint. My mothers nail collection consists of pink, pink, and more pink, so she'll be getting the pink polish. I'm loving the charcoal and mint. 

      If you've seen my Time of the season post, you saw my new metamorphic plugs. I thought the effect was damn spiffy, and absolutely adore the plugs. For Christmas I got my girl a metamorphic chillum. Now I recieve this bonus metamorphic polish! 

      Please excuse the messy job. I put the metamorphic coat over Julep's mint polish. The subtle shimmer is perfect for a casual look. I'm going to add a few more coats and see how it turns out.

      They included the polishes, a bonus coat, and junior mints. Junior mints! They've had my heart for as long as I can remember. Another plus about Julep, polishes are all vegan friendly and made in the USA. You can visit to sign up for a Maven box. It's worthwhile and affordable.

      I'll be holding a giveaway to receive 30% off Julep products. Two lucky winners will be picked by next week. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway!


  1. I've had to skip my Julep box for months and months since I've been out of work and was bummed to miss out on this one for sure! I'm glad you're loving that top coat! I thought it looked pretty neat for sure!

    1. Aww. :/ It is an amazing coat!
      Hope you get nifty goodies in your next.

  2. I love your nail color! Shame that Julep doesn't ship in my country!

    1. Ohh no! Maybe I'll hook you up someday. ;p

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