Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Primus songs you must hear


      Primus is easiest to be defined as the band that made the South Park theme song. If you've listened to the theme song alone, you catch the distinct sound. Concluding to an undefinable genre. The bands vocalist/bassist Les Claypool once stated he categorizes the band as "Psychedelic polka". It's the type of music you either love or hate. Here's my top most loved Primus songs. 

      My name is Mud

      Tells the story of a blue-collar man and his argument with a friend, who he now has to bury. From the bands 1993 album Pork Soda.
"We had our words, a common spat
So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat
My name is Mud"

      Jerry was a Racecar Driver

      Tells stories of two people. One being Jerry, a young Racecar driver who drove drunk into a telephone pole. Also Captain Pierce, a wise retired fireman. From the 1991 album Sailing the Seas of Cheese.
"I'll be a wealthy man when I get
A dime for all the things that
Man taught to me".

      Hennepin Crawler
      Hennepin Crawler is an example of how naive people are about "Go green! Save our planet!" by using recycled waste materials to build more impractical material goods. Released on the album Green Naugahyde 2011. 
     "She sold sea shells and other things
Down by the old sea shore
When she sold her song to a beer commercial
She looked like a filthy whore - Haha"

      Jilly's on smack

      About a girl named Jilly who wanted independence and freedom of her own. So she left home and fell in love with the junkie lifestyle. Released in 2011 on their album Green Naugahyde.
      "Jilly always phoned her mother
Emailed daily to her brother
Til she took a junkie lover
And began to fade".


  1. This may sound dumb, but I have never heard of this band! I will check them out right now!
    -Jenna :)
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    1. Well I'm glad I've introduced you to something new!