Sunday, May 31, 2015

OOTD | I am not ok

      Here in Metro Detroit it's been on/off nice weather to rainy/windy days. This outfit is perfect to me for the weather shifts. 

      A baggy expressive sweatshirt, with some casual shorts. My girl makes the best infinity scarves, they keey you snug and warm. Can't forget your Doc Martins. Rain or sun, they're lovely!

      Used by

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family shrimp broil

      Nothing like a shrimp broil family get together. It was held at my dad & his ladies house. To my surprise my mother and her husband came. I felt a little odd when I heard they were invited, but it was actually nice having us all there. I would've made my step-brother come but I was already running late. 

      Of course I made my family hula-hoop. the background you can see the men playing horse shoes. Was a nice get together. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ann Arbor adventure | painted mural

      Took a late night visit to downtown Ann Arbor. One  of the many wonderful cities here in Michigan with great artwork. Above you see a Mural, which consists of four portraits. I only recognized Edgar Allen Poe. I'd love to learn who the others are. First looking at the mural, I searched the portraits quickly for Plath. 

      Walking downtown you'll see art everywhere. From an alley full of Grafitti to a painted rock. When the boyfriend and I visit again, I'll be sure to get more pictures of the artwork! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ginger bread men

      While Prince Harry was on a tour in New Zeland, the media only talked about how he hit on hot chicks and played peek-a-boo with babies. What British single politician doesn't? 

      Things shifted once he met a fan he'll never forgetRiley Harris, a local 6-year-old fan, reached out to him in a way most don't especially men. That being - Take pride for being a ginger. P.H. confronted the littleun' stating "Gingers rule. Don't ever let anyone hassle you about it, and hang that sign up above your bed." 

      I'm so down with the fact this kid, especially at such a young age, is grateful for the ginger gene. 

      I'll post about what it's like growing up as a ginger sometime soon

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hoop dancing progress

I've finally accomplished many of the tricks on my list. Now I've coordinated them into a routine too. Unbiased input? 

When's the last time you hula hooped?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer goal

      This summer I plan on finally booking a gig. I don't know where, what, or when yet....but that doesn't matter as much to me. I've experienced fire poi the other day, still yet to fire hoop. Wish I had good quality pictures or a video to share. Besides the obvious life tasks to accomplish, this shall be my only goal for summer 2015. 

This goal is a dream of mine, that I will fulfill. 

      Do you have a goal set for summer 2015?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dreams vs fears | Challenge

      To write love on her arms has a dreams vs fears challenge. A few years ago I got a tank top supporting the new challenge. Now's my chance to share with the (interweb) world my biggest dream, and my biggest fear.  

My biggest dream is to perform as a circus artist & dancer. Quality entertainment is what I'd like to provide. My quality entertainment includes breathing and spitting fire, hula hoop dancing, poi spinning, fire spinning, day I will accomplish this dream. 

My biggest fear is being swallowed in self pity and never succeeding. Enough of my week days consist of laying in bed contemplating this and that. Not waking up because I'd rather mope in bed than hangout with friends. Ditching plans including those made by myself. One day I will have the strength to face the world as it is, anywhere, at any time. 

     What's your biggest dream?
What's your biggest fear?
Take the challenge for yourself!