Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dreams vs fears | Challenge

      To write love on her arms has a dreams vs fears challenge. A few years ago I got a tank top supporting the new challenge. Now's my chance to share with the (interweb) world my biggest dream, and my biggest fear.  

My biggest dream is to perform as a circus artist & dancer. Quality entertainment is what I'd like to provide. My quality entertainment includes breathing and spitting fire, hula hoop dancing, poi spinning, fire spinning, day I will accomplish this dream. 

My biggest fear is being swallowed in self pity and never succeeding. Enough of my week days consist of laying in bed contemplating this and that. Not waking up because I'd rather mope in bed than hangout with friends. Ditching plans including those made by myself. One day I will have the strength to face the world as it is, anywhere, at any time. 

     What's your biggest dream?
What's your biggest fear?
Take the challenge for yourself!

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