Friday, May 22, 2015

Ginger bread men

      While Prince Harry was on a tour in New Zeland, the media only talked about how he hit on hot chicks and played peek-a-boo with babies. What British single politician doesn't? 

      Things shifted once he met a fan he'll never forgetRiley Harris, a local 6-year-old fan, reached out to him in a way most don't especially men. That being - Take pride for being a ginger. P.H. confronted the littleun' stating "Gingers rule. Don't ever let anyone hassle you about it, and hang that sign up above your bed." 

      I'm so down with the fact this kid, especially at such a young age, is grateful for the ginger gene. 

      I'll post about what it's like growing up as a ginger sometime soon

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